UPDATED: iOS 4.3 coming today? 3-device personal hotspot limit up to carriers?

iOS 4.3 for iPhone, iPad walkthrough

BGR is hearing from their sources that Apple might just release iOS 4.3 as early as today. Apple previously announced they'd be releasing iOS 4.3 on Friday alongside iPad 2 so take it with a Cupertino-sized grain of salt, however Apple has staggered release days previously to avoid everyone hitting their servers all at once. If it does come today expect the usual 10am PT/1pm ET start time.

Also, BGR says the reason many GSM carriers like AT&T will have a 3-device personal hotspot limit -- as opposed to the Verizon iPhone's 5-device limit -- is that the default is 3 but Apple will raise it to 5 at a carrier's request. Guess most haven't requested that...

Anyone going to be checking for updates today, or do you think we'll have to wait for Friday?

UPDATE: The Loop


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Reader comments

UPDATED: iOS 4.3 coming today? 3-device personal hotspot limit up to carriers?


Irrelevant when it will be released. When with the jailbreak for it be released? That's when it will be usable.

irrelevant when the jailbreak will be available. when will the unlock be available? that's when it will be usable.

With each new OS release, jailbreaking becomes less of a benefit. Originally, I jailbroke my iPad so I could play videos such as AVI's that weren't supported by the OS. Then, the upcoming software releases negated that need. After that, I considered jailbreaking my iPhone it so I could share my cellular internet connection with my iPad.
With the new personal hotspot, iOS has officially (for me) negated any reason to jailbreak.
Obviously, if you want to pirate commercial software then jailbreaking is beneficial. Otherwise, all it is comprised of is UI tweaks that are more or less pretty useless unless you are a programmer or hacker and need access to the shell on your device.

Jailbreaking for me have nothing to do with pirating or tweaks for the shell. Obviously you haven't explored the full range of tweaks and utilities available which make the iPhone so much more functional. Therefore your comment = Fail.

have fun paying extra a month for limited data use for tethering (if your on att), and just paying more for verizons. but doesnt verizon have a tether limit?
hmm...unlimited data plan here on att with jailbroke iphone and mywi which i paid a one time fee of $19.99 for.
seems pretty beneficial to me.

what a dumb arse ... such a lame punk who benefited from jailbreaking for years and now he's saying all these stupid stuff .. ban him .. ban him to the North Pole forever now!!!

Ron, you are a shortsighted dolt. There are plenty of reasons for jailbreaking, especially for us that still have malfunctioning proximity sensors.....yeah yeah yeah, already swapped out my phone and updates didn't fix it but a jailbreak app sure did.
Also, MyWi & SBSettings are well worth a jailbreak any day of the week. So go right ahead and keep your head in the sand or up your a$*, where ever it happens to be at. The rest of us will continue to jailbreak.

It's always nice when someone posts a straight forward comment only to be attacked by a slew of nasty and mean and insulting comments.
Jesus people... calling someone a name or insulting their intelligence really isn't the way to bring them around to your way of thinking. Why not try the educating approach, like, "You may not think jailbreaking offers much benefit, but let me tell you some of the may ways it is..." Or is that just too freakin' difficult??
Just sayin...

You're joking, right? Unlike 90% of the commenters here, you're obviously an adult. You're wasting your time even trying to stop them. It's like stopping the weather. The childish name-calling and unnecessary insults will continue until they're a little older, only to be continually replaced by other rude youngsters coming here. While the bloggers here continue ignoring their "Note" about disrespectful comments being removed.

I know, I know. You're absolutely right... and it saddens me that people can't be a bit more mature, and in turn, helpful and supportive of one another. Every now and then I see a bit of that so I don't give up all hope.
I usually avoid the comments for that very reason.

Boy Genius Report is Boy Crazy. No way it gets released today. They're just trying to get their name out.
Surprised so many have let apple slide with their Verizon iPhone oversight. If the iPad 2 is CDMA and has iOS 4.3 why can't my iPhone? Lame. Ill be getting iPhone 5 anyways bit still. This is like cuddling BEFORE sex. Just doesn't make sense and I'm just not feeling it.

My understanding is that the CDMA technologies limit some things, like being able to use data and voice at the same time, so it requires a special set of tweaks in the OS to ensure that they don't overlap.
Verizon users had personal hotspot functionality before the general public. They weren't complaining then... this new release is really just to bring that functionality into the general OS release, and also provide for the new functionality of the iPad 2, which you obviously don't have yet.

clearly he was talking about the cdma ipad 2 having 4.3 so why shouldnt the iphone 4 which is cdma. Maybe read the whole comment next time. smh

Probably the least anticipated release yet (for me, iP4) but I'll be checking anyway. Only feature I care about is Safari speed.

I'll be checking, just in case. I'll update my iPad first, then, if there are no issues, my iPhone later in the week.

Awaiting a jailbreak just for the boost in Safari speed. Until Apple releases a proper notification system akin to biteSMS, I will always require a jailbreak.

Agreed. Safari's speed increase is my only concern with this update. Mywi already works great for my tethering needs and doesnt cost me $45 a month. Luckily, from what I'm seeing the jailbreak should pop up soon after the release.

I don't care for jailbreaking, non of that stupid tweaking crap. I am just happy they reduced the new text tones to something a lot more usable. Granted there are some that are still too long, but most are reduced nonetheless.

I hope iOS 4.3 includes the long awaited jet pack feature. I'm really tired of walking places.

Welp... Looks like it was a hoax! :P 1:00pm ET and no 4.3! At least not for my Verizon iPhone. (Sad face)

Last I heard, 4.3 wasn't for the Verizon version. Probably the next one before they're combined. I think you've got most of the new stuff already in your version though.

TELUS iPhone here with no update. unless apple said it was coming out today dont even bother checking and wait until 03/11

So I have an iPhone 3GS running OS v.4.2.1 and I want to JB again. I haven't done so in a LONG time and I'm not sure which tool to use atm. Would it be greenpois0n?

I updated using the GM and theres not much to get excited about(in the way I use it anyway).
The one thing I did notice was the airprint Hack disappeared.
Now hopefully theres a JB so I can unlock and send the 3gs to to a friend overseas.

I don't really get all the hypocrites who say "I don't use Jailbreak to steal apps! I use it for MyWi." What difference does it make if you steal from developers or from the carrier? Maybe you feel entitled to free wifi since you pay for unlimited data, but you still signed a contract that says you won't use tethering without a special tethering plan.

Exactly! We can argue all we want about how data is data and AT&T is being greedy, but that still doesn't give anyone the right to just take or use something that they are contractually obliged to pay for.
In fact I think using network bandwidth without paying the requested fee (AT&T never planned on anyone to actually use an unlimited amount only on their iPhone) is worse than pirating software because network bandwidth is a limited resource that is actually being used up.

You folks can't wait for Friday? Lol. I can. If it comes out tomorrow, that's cool, but I'm not stressing.

I'll probably still use mywi over the personal hotspot option so I can get rid of the battery draining flashing blue bar. Plus bite SMS and sb settings.
And perform someone gallops up on their high horse tethering is within my contract in Canada.
No 4.3 for me until there is a jailbreak. I'll think about updating my iPad.

I've been told that Apple will release iOS 4.3 3/9/11, but that is just what I was told.