iOS 4.3 features: Ping getting pushy with notifications

iOS 4.3 features: Ping getting pushy with notifications

The just-released iOS 4.3 beta 2 seems to bring a new set of push notifications to the table -- for Apple's Ping social musical network. So if you've been dying to know what Phil Schiller -- or Chad -- has bought, liked, or commented on in iTunes as instantaneously as possible you'll get your wish just as soon as iOS 4.3 ships.

So forget Twitter integration and social playlists, push notifications make Ping rawk, right?

For more check out our complete iOS 4.3 beta walkthrough...

[Thanks everyone in the iPhone Live chatroom!]

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iOS 4.3 features: Ping getting pushy with notifications


Notification: Sir Nerdalot just bought "Muscrat Love"!
Notification: Sir Nerdalot just rated "Muscrat Love" 5 stars!
Notification: Sir Nerdalot just wrote a review for "Muscrat Love: it's more than a song about muskrats who just like each other. These muscrats are in love!"

Ping seems like a rotten apple creation... are many people even using it? whats the purpose? how does it differ from other social network apps?

I guess, it was originally meant to be tied in to Facebook, as a means to get us to buy even more music from iTunes.
Facebook opted out, and Ping was left stranded.

I'd rather have App Store update notifications.
Its kinda sad, that the App Store STILL doesn't update us when there are updates available.
Also, why can't it handle downloading, like the iTunes app?