iOS 4.3 for iPad gives option of mute switch... or orientation lock!

We're hearing that the just released iOS 4.3 beta gives users an option in settings to toggle between mute and orientation lock in settings.

When iPad originally shipped with iOS 3.2, the hardware switch was strictly an orientation lock. iOS 4.2 changed this to strictly a mute switch (with orientation lock moving to the fast app switcher dock). Now it appears we're actually being given a choice. Guess Steve Jobs changed his mind!


[Thanks anondev!]

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iOS 4.3 for iPad gives option of mute switch... or orientation lock!


Anyone know if the 4.3 Beta will fix the problem with using the iPad Camera Connection Kit and either an SD card or USB thumb drive? Ever since 4.2 I have been unable to use either due to the "not enough power" error. I sent Apple an email on this issue and since it is clear by googling the topic that many many users are now having the same problem.

This will make Georgia happier than nailing a flying armbar! ;-)
Come on Georgia, what've you got to say? :-)

Even more astonishing, is that Apple gave us the choice - although I can't see how anyone would prefer the option of the mute switch. I haven't touched that switch once, since the last update.
I hope they also add a brightness control to the task switcher on the iPhone too.

I'm kinda new to apple here, waiting on getting my vzw iphone but i'm wondering how will the ipad stand up to the Xoom? I know the die hards will always stick with apple but the xoom has some very impressive specks and the little video's on it look very inviting, is anyone gonna dump their ipad for a xoom? I was almost sold on the ipad till i saw this just want to know what apple users think.

Sometimes I wonder if apple just releases these things to make sure that they always have one up on jailbreakers. I'm still sitting around on a jailbroken iPhone 4 running 4.0.1. I was going to upgrade to, and jailbreak 4.2.1 but now they are coming out with an update again and the new jb isn't even out for windows yet to my knowledge! Thank god for shsh blobs.