iOS 4.3 for iPad to test new multitouch gestures, AirPlay video for Apps,

iOS 4.3 for iPad to test new multitouch gestures, AirPlay video for Apps,

In addition to AirPlay video for apps (finally) it looks like Apple is considering new multitouch gestures for iPad with the just-released iOS 4.3 beta, perhaps to better compete with RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook and Android 3.0 Honeycomb:

Test Multi-Touch Gestures for iPad

This beta release contains a preview of new Multi-Touch gestures for iPad. You can use four or five fingers to pinch to the Home Screen; swipe up to reveal the multitasking bar; and swipe left or right between apps. We are providing this preview before releasing them to the public to understand how these gestures work with your apps. Test them and give us your feedback on the Apple Developer Forums.

Some of these might also match up nicely to the upcoming Mac OS X 10.7 Lion swipe between full screen apps functionality. What do you think, interested?

UPDATE: We've got an iOS 4.3 video walkthrough and screenshots up!

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iOS 4.3 for iPad to test new multitouch gestures, AirPlay video for Apps,


"swipe left or right between apps"
Not sure how well this will be implemented within 3rd-party apps, but it's a MUCH appreciated gesture. Now, about returning that mute switch to function as an orientation lock...

Love it. Want on iPhone. Will likely need to be a minimum two-finger or even three-finger swipe though because lots of Apps have default swipe gestures already built in. Such iOS implementation could wreak havoc with the alternative web browsers. However, if Safari got swipe between taps and swipe to close tabs and all the rest; I wouldn't need the alternative browsers anymore anyway.

... Apple will likely need SOME sort of gesture to reduce our dependency on the lonely old Home Button, which on my iPhone gets more action than the door to Mel Gibson's liquor cabinet.

Any chance of getting a usable version of AirPrint that will allowing printing to ALL printers, not just HP wireless ones?
Btw, AppleTV needs apps (especially Hulu Plus). I would also love to have a Safari browser on it. Anyone agree or think this is likely?
AirPlay question for the group - I know you can AirPlay from your computer's iTunes Library, iPhone, or iPad to an AirPort Express or AppleTV. However, does anyone know if you can AirPlay from your computer's iTunes Library to an iPhone/iPad on the same Wi-Fi network?

Even better than that; airprint activator which is for windows and hacktivator for mac I think it was called.

It's pretty obvious to me that if they like these new gestures, they will phase the home button out altogether. All of these new gestures perform the functions that the home button once did. Perhaps this gels with the rumor that the bezel will be reduced. Without the home button, the bezel of the iPad could be reduced considerably while maintaining uniform width.

Don't want to make that Bezel too small, people still need to hold it without making a screen action.

I think the bezel size is perfect, its like a picture frame. Might even be too small all ready for some elderly people. But i guess they could make one without a bezel, and they or third partys could release ipad cases that add various sizes of bezels.

Had same thought. Also, good prep for apps on AppleTV that will need some sort of switching mechanism without a home button. Perhaps on an iPad or iPhone screen, but we've seen from patent filings that Apple has been experimenting with Kinect-like, in-the-air gestures.

Hmm, 3-finger swipe (up/down) is used for scrolling lists when the accessibility mode is on. May cause some context, gesturing confusion. If you usurp that for some other function, the accessibility functionality maybe hosed (more confusing)

Question: are these gestures available in Springboard only, or within apps as well?
If they are available within apps, I can see millions of Angry Birds players curse as each shot takes them to, and users of Fishing apps find themselves multitasking every cast :)
I kid, I kid...but this would be dangerous UI ground. Part of what makes the iPhone|iPad "magical" (gag, I hate that term) is that, when an App starts, the device disappears into and becomes the app. Inserting system functions into UI space "owned" by a running application breaks that carefully constructed conceit.

It looks like they are system wide. While using 4 or 5 touch points (4 or 5 finger touches), a pinch will return to homescreen, swipe left/right switches between apps, and up brings the multitasking bar. If some apps have implemented 4 or 5 point touch gestures, they will likely have to change their design if Apple keeps these features. Apple already has patents (or patent applications) on this.
Can't imagine this working that well on the iPhone though. I think it'll keep the home button and the currently functionality as it's important to maintain one-handed functionality on a palm-sized device.

Agreed -- I just can't tell from that summary if the 4 or 5 fingers refers only to the pinch-to-homescreen, or to the swipes as well. Frankly, if they are introducing 4 or 5 finger gestures like that, 4 fingers from the top for an SBSSettings like app would be nice, too :)

Option for mute or orientation lock is now on for physical button check

It's implementing four and five finger swipes. No apps would be negatively affected because you currently can't do any of that. Read the articles people.

What article? Nothing linked here except other tipb articles, and the quoted paragraph is unclear on whether the app-changing swipes are multiple fingers. A semicolon typically indicates a separate thought.

One problem I have with Apple's iOS updates is that the standard user often isn't properly informed about the new UI functionality. When iOS 4 was new, I had to show and explain to several friends and family members that they can now double-press the home button for some extra functionality. Apple should do something about informing those people who don't inform themselves about the things their phone can actually do, for example by giving the option to show an introductory video on the first startup after an update and in "Help" in the settings.

This post makes me SICK!! This isn't new people, you know, you could all have this now if you had a palm with webos!! Blackberry stole their playbook navigation from palm too. Open your minds people, apple doesn't invent anything, they just copy and re-package. I love all the comments about swiping up to open, and swiping over to get to a new browser.... lol, I've been doing this for almost 2 years now with my pre. WebOS is the best mobile os out there, period. It's only lacking in apps because people bandwagon to whats "cool" and not what actually works. Apple iso (again, they bought that name ios from cisco) navigation sucks, it's the most clunky navigation I've ever used on a mobile os.

webOS implements none of these gestures (4 or 5 point gestures). The UI is also totally different. It's amazing I'm even saying this sight-unseen so I'm not sure, but yeah, webOS implements none of these gestures.
Not to mention that all of these gestures are for iPad sized devices either, not palm sized, nor to mention that many of these 3 to 4 point gestures have been used on Mac OS for awhile now.

Apple introduced a lot of these with the multitouch trackpad in the MacBook Air like 3 or more years ago. 3 fingers to swipe between photos, 4 fingers up or down to Expose or Hide, etc. If anything they're making iPad work like iOS 10.7 will.

Palm did not invent these gestures either! Design research for gestures was going on by numerous companies and universities for over a decade before there ever was a palm pre or iPhone. The main problem/ concern has always been standardized gestures across the board for consumers. We have finally reached the point where our software & hardware are capable of gestural navigation and in the hands of countless consumers. The next phase I standardizing gestures and all tech companies and universities know this. Apple did attempt to patent the 'pinch and zoom' gesture but the intent behin that is the same as them copyrighting the 'app store' it's gain traction and maintain their head start in the gestural & mobile game.

Is Chad ever right about his predictions? Just last week on the podcast he was saying why this was impossible to do on iOS.

forget swipe left and right for apps, we need a swipe up from bottom for multitasking and swipe down from status bar for notifications/sbsettings. all this for iphone please. preferably BEFORE ios 5

Now i have hope for my dream feature! Two or more finger rotate to rotate screen orientation. Do you think apple would add that at any point? Id love to see it in 4.3!!

I was wondering if anyone had any idea of the release date and some of the features not documented in this post for the IPHONE 4? Great stuff as usual TiPb

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