iOS 4.3 for Verizon iPhone -- missing in action?

iOS 4.3 for Verizon iPhone -- missing in action?

Apple just announced iOS 4.3 was coming March 11... but didn't mention the Verizon iPhone in the list of supported devices. Was that just an oversight, are we overly sensitive, or will the CDMA radio stack require some additional time for Apple to get iOS 4.3 out to the device?

It's not like Verizon owners will miss personal hotspot, but if it does take longer we'll miss Apple's previously rock-solid record of delivering updates to all devices, all at once.

Again, maybe we're over reacting so more as this develops...

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iOS 4.3 for Verizon iPhone -- missing in action?


at&t charges for more than at&t atleast verizon kept unlimited data and has better prices overall than at&t

verizon announced unlimited data is out and tiered is in, so much for their bullet proof network so you can scratch you comment.

Shows how much you guys know, Verizon is KEEPING unlimited data, and allowing people who dont need unlimited to go with a limited package, as for them charging to do a software update, that would be illegal first of all, and second what would verizon be selling you if you update apples OS and how can they charge you for a product that has nothing to do with them.

"we’ll miss Apple’s previously rock-solid record of delivering updates to all devices, all at once."
I assume you mean except for 3.2, 3.2.1, 3.2.2 which never came out for the iphone. and the 2g and one ipods were stopped at 3.1.3. and 4.2 was the last for the 3G and second ipod, and 4.2.6 didn't come for anything but the verizon iphone 4

The iPad iOS 3.2.X thing was by necessity, and Apple dropped support for the original iPhone and iPod touch because they were at a point where supporting them was going to make iOS development MUCH harder; the same for the iPod touch 2g and iPhone 3G. They supported them longer than Android phones get supported. 3 years iOS device support>1 year If you're very lucky you'll get an Android.

Doesn't the verizon iphone already have personal hotspot? Isn't their 4,2,5 effectively 4.3 for everyone else so the don't need it?

Well, yes and no. There are serious Bluetooth pairing problems with 4.2.x on both the Verizon and AT&T iPhone 4. These problems are supposedly, according to a post I saw by someone with access to the 4.3 beta, fixed in 4.3 -- but if that's the case, those of us with Verizon phones are out in the cold. And personally, though YMMV, I couldn't care less about the personal hotspot. I just want a dependable car phone connection!

Uh I haven't had any of the Bluetooth connectivity problems. My works great and is instant. Can't say the same for the Droid Inc I replaced with the Iphone. I also still own a Droid X and it already has Hotspot so I wouldn't miss it on the Iphone. However, one of the selling points to the Iphone for my was receiving updates at the same time for everyone unlike the Androids. That will suck if it is he case.

Not everyone has been having these problems. However, if you run searches for Bluetooth problems in the Apple forum for the CDMA iPhone 4 (also the GSM), you'll find quite a large number of such reports.

I don't think there's anything new in 4.3 for iPhone except personal hotspot, which Verizon already has. Updating the Verizon iPhone would be issuing an update just to change the version number...wouldn't make sense.

you can do more with airplay, faster web browsing (which verizon needs), and better home sharing

The only "New" 4.3 Feature in 4.2.6 (current VZW blend) has it the hotspot.
New in 4.3:

  • Dramatic improvements to Safari and Nitro JavaScript engine. 2x as fast as before.
  • iTunes Home Sharing so you can stream from your Mac or Windows PC right to your iPad.
  • AirPlay is improved to allow all apps and websites to support video as well as audio.
  • Photobooth, the popular Mac app, is coming to iOS

Home Sharing and AirPlay are important to me. Assuming MLB@Bat 2011 supports video out, that will be huge for me. So not having it will be a bit of a bummer.

If the iPad 2 is coming in both AT&T & Verzion flavors, and is running 4.3. Wouldn't 4.3 be compatible with iPhone 4 AT&T & Verizon?

I'm sure 4.3 will come to verizon iphones eventually.....but just in case it doesn't, can you post pics of said shoe eating :-)

I thought Apple had made it abundantly clear that there was to be no distinction between the devices. It's "iPhone", regardless of carrier.
Respect that.

This. There's no indication that 4.3 won't be available for Verizon phones; I have no idea why TiPB would make that assumption. To Apple, an iPhone is an iPhone is an iPhone, and there's just no reason to assume anything in this "article."

Oh, I'm sure it will. It'll just take longer. Hey, it's not like new Android releases show up immediately or anything...

It is not unusual for Verizon to require extra time testing a release on their network. This may be driving the delay.

I must say I have had many phones including smartphones. Treo, Blackberry and Android. I can honestly say that the Iphone has been the best so far of all those. Yes I can customize my Droid X but when it comes to apps the Iphone has Android beat in the respect that their apps have more quality. When update does come want it to be right. Last Droid X update I had froze my phone and had to get it replaced. Don't want that to happen to the Iphone.

"Previously rock solid"? Didn't the original iPad lag behind the rest of the iOS universe by quite a few months before getting iOS 4? I don't think leaving Verizon iPhone out in the cold would be unprecedented.

Well its been almost a month and no 4.3. Problems arise when new Verizon switchers, like myself, receive their new iPhone in the mail and are unable to restore from their backup because it comes off an AT&T iPhone running 4.3, which renders the backup unusable on a 4.2.6 iPhone. I will have to either wait for this release to actually happen at some point, or start over with all my apps, home screens, texts, contacts etc. So its actually kind of a big deal for some of us.

This just happened to me - huge PITA. But it did get all my contacts and calendars off the local host and into Google contacts, calendars, etc.
But getting data out of apps like SplashID, PocketMoney, etc. was the bigger deal.