iOS 4.3.2 should fix Verizon iPad 2 connectivity issues

Boy Genius Report is claiming that the upcoming iOS 4.3.2 update should fix some of the connection woes Verizon iPad 2 users have been experiencing. The Verizon iPad 2 models seemed to be the only models affected. A dependable source has told BGR that the update should be available within the next week or so. It should also address a few WebKit vulnerabilities as well as a fix for some FaceTime issues certain users were having.

Hopefully this update will fix some extremely frustrating problems. Any of you Verizon iPad owners having 3G connectivity issues? How bad are they?

Boy Genius Report

Allyson Kazmucha

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Chris says:

What about the verizon iPhone ?? I have read no new info on this subject and it seems know one cares. I just want iOS 4.3 so i can stream my hd videos to apple tv.

Keith-IA says:

No 4.3.whatever love for us Verizon users. what a gyp. Does Apple hate Verizon users? This os fragmentation is ridiculous, I'll never buy another iPhone... :)

Keith-IA says:

For the folks in Rio Linda, that's sarcasm :)

Hog says:

... No! Just need to change the carrier... 

Boots says:

Ya.. about that iPad 2 jailbreak... that was supposed to be imminent

Matt Hall says:

Never was immenent... False report all he said was he will start working on it.

Silentsoul says:

How about a fix for the poor battery life of 4.3.1? It's the worst I've experienced thusfar.

Carioca32 says:

Yeah, like a software update was supposed to fix the iPhone 4 antenna problem, only it didn't.

sting7k says:

My unlock slider is still not 100% after 4.3.1 so I'm hoping for some more bugs to get squashed.

Seabassthegreat says:

Boy am I ever. I hate using FaceTime on my iPad 2 cuz it glitches too much! It would freeze on an image and let me call... Or not show my icons on the bottom so I can't switch cameras! It's being dumb basically! I've reverted to using my iPhone 4 for FaceTime for the better experience

David Vogt says:

The problem is that it will also "fix" my jailbreak.

Danny2582 says:

Apple is pissing me off already... Im waiting and waiting for my verizon iphone update , havent heard nothing... im about to be done with apple after 5 plus years of buying macs, iphones , and ipads anually

trdrtdrt says:

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Sam says:

Forget Verizon on iPad 2, what about us iPad 1 owners who have issues with 3G access on 4.3 onwards!