iOS 4.3.3 untethered jailbreak available now!

The Dev-Team has announced the release of the iOS 4.3.3 untethered jailbreak. Those of you holding off updating until this was released can now go ahead. The untethered jailbreak is still based on the exploit created by @i0nic for iOS 4.3.1. That is now three firmware releases in a row without Apple fixing the exploit; that is a first!

Today’s PwnageTool and redsn0w incorporate @i0n1c’s port to 4.3.3 (it’s ironic that such a long-lasting untether doesn’t even have an official name!).  It also of course uses geohot’s limera1n bootrom exploit to inject the jailbreak. The 4.3.3 untether works on all devices that actually support 4.3.3 except for the iPad2: ultrasn0w unlockers must stay away from redsn0w!  Use only a custom IPSW to update to 4.3.3, to avoid updating your baseband.

If you're new to Jailbreak, check out our Jailbreak starters guide, and if you need help, head on over to our Jailbreak Forums.

If you go-ahead and apply this jailbreak, let us know how it works out in the comments!

[Dev-Team,  @iphone_dev]



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There are 20 comments. Add yours.

OutSpoken says:

Wow... that was quick!
...and there is me thinking 4.3.2 would most probably be myn last update for the foreseeable future.

robes1 says:

Excellent work!!! I might just be getting a little bit spoiled by you guys right now!

hitzatak says:

love it!
even though the update is only to fix that 'location bug'

Rob says:

Does this fix the silent switch glitch

Keith-IA says:

Anything for the 4.2.whatever crowd? (sfx:crickets)

Rene Ritchie says:

The old Jailbreaks like greenpois0n don't still work for you?

Keith-IA says:

I've not heard if anything works on 4.2.8 - which I went to #teampure for the location fix.

briankeith513 says:

IH8sn0w tweeted something about jailbreak for 4.2.8 a few days ago and said there should be a jailbreak in a few days.

websyndicate says:

I like staying current with firmware and jailbreaks bug dang I have jailbroken like 3 time in the last 3 months. im happy were I am right. 5.1 lol

EagleyeSmith says:

Hm. I think I will upgrade even though I said I wouldn't. Why go back on my word now? I want to test out how well that "xBackup" package works. ... Decisions, Decisions.

Keith-IA says:

All well and good... unless you have a Mac.

Keith-IA says:

Mac users can find a PC and do the part up to creating the jailbreak ipsw file, then copy that to a thumb drive, or networked location and then pick up in the instructions with putting the phone in DFU mode, launching itunes and selecting the ipsw package from where it was saved after creating on the PC.

Memnautikus says:

I'm just gonna stay on 4.3.2 until iOS 5 is released.

mulrich says:

I recently JB/unlocked my old 3GS to give to my wife. I'm using OS 4.1, is it possible for my to upgrade her to 4.3.3? I don't want to mess up the unlock (I had to change the baseband to 6.15.00 to get the unlock to work).
If I am able to update what's the process? Will I have to reinstall all her apps and content? Is it worth updating if I need to reinstall everything?

1stblogger says:

Wonderful! Thank you Dev-team! i hope Dev team will find the way to jailbreak ipad 2 pretty soon