iOS 5 beta 4 is an OTA update... if you can connect

It looks like the just-released iOS 5 beta 4 is an OTA update, with Apple pushing the bit-differential/delta file over the air, over 3G... if you can connect. Lots of people can't, according to Twitter, and are getting "Try Again" errors. When it does work, however, it seems to work well.

Also, many of you are telling us you're having no luck updating via iTunes or Xcode, with "this device isn't eligible" errors cause all manner of frustration.

If you get your update on using either method, let us know!

[Thanks @naughty_ottsel, @MattAttack07]

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Cult of iPhone says:

I tried it 10 minutes ago and got errors, just tried it again and its working :)

Chris Henry says:

iPhone 4 - Mine is stuck at the end with '<1 minute remaining' message for most of the download, have tried quitting settings and restarting the device to no avail. Progress bar seems to move forward then rolls back in a loop (70% - 90%) - could be validation. Waiting...

Cult of iPhone says:

It's gonna sit at <1 for a while. mine sat there for a good 15 minutes.

Chris Henry says:

cheers its installing now :)

Brettskyg says:

Mine has said <1 minute for quite a while and I am using a wifi connection. My status bar never said anything other than <1 minute either. Any advice?

Gust says:

It works with OTA, but iTunes don't show my iPhone in the sidebar

Alienware_51#IM says:

Your welcome for the screenshot :)

Applecpugeek says:

I am still getting errors on 3G.

Robert Male says:

Now I get not connecting to the internet for the message when I press install. Anyone else get this ?

Cult of iPhone says:

not for me. mine is downloading, about 3 minutes to go :)

Robert Male says:

ios 5 beta 4 falied vertication because your no longer connected to the internet

Jeff Gargas says:

Yep, I'm getting same message when I click "Install"

Robert Male says:

Glad I'm not the only one think it's because the server is being slow bit like the first bit of the download. Should be ok soon.

Robert Male says:

It worked the download now waiting for the bar on the update screen.

Robert Male says:

Anyone getting ios 5 beta 4 falied vertication because your no longer connected to the internet

Miguel J. Aguilar says:

It seems to be stuck? towards the end of the download, I have about 3-5 percent to go and its been like that for 10 mins.

Alienware_51#IM says:

Mine is stuck at < 1 minute. It's been like that for about 12 minutes now.

Robert Male says:

That's what happen to me it takes some time then You 2 now I get the message below.

Robert Male says:

It worked the download now waiting for the bar on the update screen.


i got mine using OTA . at first i tried itunes but it said this device isn't eligible but now it's working finally

Miguel J. Aguilar says:

Update: installing as we speak! wooo!! took forever..

Robert Male says:

Same but I got it working very slow but worth it.

Jreed1235 says:

I just downloaded and installed... All is well... This process is awesome!

Patrick Finger says:

Plug the device in, looks like mine is working now that I have. It has the usual bar while updating

Alienware_51#IM says:

Mine is installing right now.

Solutions says:

Is anyone experiencing the inability to edit their contacts?
Also bank of america app closes all the time
Skype is not working in multitasking

matt c says:

yes to all of the above, some apps are not acclimated to work on ios 5 yet so they will be glitchy.

Robert Male says:

It's all done wow It's just the servers that are slow but it's the first time Apple have ever done this so it will be slow look at Lion.

Arin Failing says:

less than a minute left! SO SICK!

AppleFunBoy says:

it only took 4 minutes to download! that's great

Robert Male says:

Hope they fixed mail since it didn't show in the notification bar in previous builds.

deeptali says:

Its version 9A5274d and GSM on AT&T code is 10.2.6
If u r getting verification error then try and restart the phone it should work. It worked for me.

Elcherdz says:

Worked for me After a few tries after getting the internet error

Alienware_51#IM says:

Post-Install notes: Much less lag in my opinion. Mail notifications are stable. I had issues with the previous builds of not always displaying. When unlocking the phone and directly opening to a text message, it no longer locks up for a few seconds. Overall, I like the process, albeit a little slow.

AJ says:

Downloading right now, another 3 minutes remaining

Robert Male says:

It doesn't show in the bar even if I accept them for Gmail ?

Shravan Sundaram says:

I was waiting for beta4, didn't do the 3rd but i now just did to try the OTA option and worked the minute i was done restoring to beta 3. Sweet deal!! Does netflix work now?

HogDog says:

It took 5-6 tries but downloaded the software in about 10 minutes and installed without an issue. I was actually very impressed how smoothly it went just being released.

Bezel says:

Just installed beta 4 went smoothly

Dr. Brad says:

My iPad was very buggy under beta 3. Almost unusable. I just updated to beta 4 OTA, and I don't feel that "new beta freshness" you get with a clean install through iTunes.
Is this now like Mac OS? A fresh install will yield less buggy results than a delta OTA update?
Anyone try both?

yosoycarlosg says:

Me too :( still waiting for it to download!

DJR says:

Uploaded for me, looks like they added Documents & Data feature to iCloud settings.

Bezel says:

Looks like my albums are gone now, but I can always add them back

Nomsickle says:

Worked fine for me on first try. Walked away for an hour and it was like nothing changed. Much more smooth in my opinion

Applecpugeek says:

Gonna update when I get to iTunes.

Scott says:

Would it mess with a jailbreak? My jailbreak is the only thing that activated my phone and iPad

innoying says:

It will not work with a jailbroken iOS 5 beta.

Lawson1978 says:

I installed over Wi-Fi. Had errors about 10 times then connected. Didn't have to be on 3G

Kristen Smith says:

first times a charm......worked well for me :)

Apple Community says:

My device was updated like a charm!!! :)

Tucker61 says:

I want it now for iPod touch but I am not a dev !

Jpc4523 says:

Ask me for my apple ID?

Paul says:

I just installed on my iPhone 4. It took about an hour to download on a 3G connection.
Once downloaded it said that it would not install as my battery was below 50% and not on power source. I plugged in and then installed, took about 10 mins.
All seems ok, some things noticed, photo albums are gone and you can't forward an email with an attachment.
Everything else seems ok.

guest says:

2 different experience:
1) on iPad 1 like most others I initiated manually the update, it got stuck in the downloading < 1mn for a long while (more than 30mn but it was done when I went back from shopping)
2) on iPhone 4 I didn't ask for anything then got a notification that the update was available and when I went to the settings it was already downloaded (must have done it automatically) and install could be done without plugging it in and fairly quickly (10mn I would say I didn't time it )

Cell Bull says:

i check this site. direct links are herejailbreak ios5 b4 with redsnow
all previous versions are also available there.

Cjbramlett says:

Mine keeps saying: estimating time remaining. Never actually starts to download.

Lakota704 says:

thats what mine does does anyone know how to fix this?

Lakota704 says:

please guys i really need help with this