iOS 5 beta 6 works with existing jailbreak tools

Cydia jailbreak

Seeing as Apple seeded iOS 5 beta 6 today, a lot of users want to know if they'll need to wait in order to update and re-jailbreak. The answer to that is no. Go ahead an update. The existing version of Redsn0w for Mac and Sn0wbreeze for Windows will work just fine. I've confirmed this working on a 4th generation iPod Touch. iDB has confirmed it working as well.

The process should be the same as previous versions of Redsn0w and Sn0wbreeze. Just use the new beta 6 firmware file in place of beta 5 or earlier.

As always, remember that not only is iOS 5 in beta, these jailbreak tools are also beta. Unless you're a developer or jailbreak developer, I'd probably hold off on doing this. Not all regular apps are compatible with iOS 5 let alone jailbreak apps. So be advised to proceed at your own risk.

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XuneEm Prince says:

What about iPad 2? Does it supported??? :/

Jacob says:

Nope, and it probably won't be until iOS 5 get's released... Sorry to say, but yeah...

Patrick says:

WRONG. This doesn't work. At least, not on iPhone 4 CDMA. Pointing it at the beta 5 ipsw causes it to go into a boot loop (Restore Mode when booting tethered) and if you point it at the beta 6 IPSW it says Unable to Recognize.

Ittstudent says:

This article is insane. Redsnow and Snowbreeze WILL NOT jailbreak Beta 6 until they are updated. The md5 hashes are different, so they wont recognize the new Beta 6. Pointing to iOS 5 Beta 5 will cause boot loop. How about doing a little research before posting this junk. Is your boss Rupert Murdock?

meesterRomo says:

theyre saying to point to beta 6 not beta 5

Hosseinyz says:

it doesn't work!!!!!!!!!!
please test before posting!!!!!!

tony.aka.age says:

tested on iPhone 4 GSM, it's a no go I got the boot loop twice so yeah it's not working for some people :/

Massie says:

Ummm...the link you posted to iDownloadblog is for an article that says the JB is NOT safe on iOS 5b6.

Matt S Hall says:

Does it still work? I'm pretty sure an apology is in order. Sn0wbreeze performs a hash check won't work and Redsnow will install cydia then go into a boot loop.

Ahmad says:

Tsted iOS 5 Beta 6 THRICE on my 4'th gen iPod touch using Sn0wbreeze. Works fine, until I open Cydia (stuck on Recovery Mode whenever rebooted). Tried to kick it using iBooty, Recboot, TinyUmbrella...etc..., no luck.
Now I'm testing it again, but this time i didn't touch Cydia at all. Works fine now, i've rebooted twice with no problems, no Recovery Mode crap.

Kathie Jupiter says:

Sorry that don't work on older iPad, as with Siri for iPhone 4S only... this tip works only for the new iPad