iOS 5 beta 6 works with existing jailbreak tools

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Seeing as Apple seeded iOS 5 beta 6 today, a lot of users want to know if they'll need to wait in order to update and re-jailbreak. The answer to that is no. Go ahead an update. The existing version of Redsn0w for Mac and Sn0wbreeze for Windows will work just fine. I've confirmed this working on a 4th generation iPod Touch. iDB has confirmed it working as well.

The process should be the same as previous versions of Redsn0w and Sn0wbreeze. Just use the new beta 6 firmware file in place of beta 5 or earlier.

As always, remember that not only is iOS 5 in beta, these jailbreak tools are also beta. Unless you're a developer or jailbreak developer, I'd probably hold off on doing this. Not all regular apps are compatible with iOS 5 let alone jailbreak apps. So be advised to proceed at your own risk.

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Reader comments

iOS 5 beta 6 works with existing jailbreak tools


WRONG. This doesn't work. At least, not on iPhone 4 CDMA. Pointing it at the beta 5 ipsw causes it to go into a boot loop (Restore Mode when booting tethered) and if you point it at the beta 6 IPSW it says Unable to Recognize.

This article is insane. Redsnow and Snowbreeze WILL NOT jailbreak Beta 6 until they are updated. The md5 hashes are different, so they wont recognize the new Beta 6. Pointing to iOS 5 Beta 5 will cause boot loop. How about doing a little research before posting this junk. Is your boss Rupert Murdock?

Ummm...the link you posted to iDownloadblog is for an article that says the JB is NOT safe on iOS 5b6.

Does it still work? I'm pretty sure an apology is in order. Sn0wbreeze performs a hash check won't work and Redsnow will install cydia then go into a boot loop.

Tsted iOS 5 Beta 6 THRICE on my 4'th gen iPod touch using Sn0wbreeze. Works fine, until I open Cydia (stuck on Recovery Mode whenever rebooted). Tried to kick it using iBooty, Recboot, TinyUmbrella...etc..., no luck.
Now I'm testing it again, but this time i didn't touch Cydia at all. Works fine now, i've rebooted twice with no problems, no Recovery Mode crap.