iOS 5 beta gallery

You're flooding us with screen shots of iOS 5 (sometimes without removing your personal info first -- please do that!), and we're going to keep adding them here. Here's some of what we're seeing:

  • iPod app is dead. Long live Music and Video apps. (More consistent with iPad, iPod touch.)
  • Tap and hold a lock screen notification icon, then slide to view it
  • If you hate the new style notifications, you can turn them off or switch back to the old popups
  • You can update more than one app at once
  • The square toggle sliders are round now
  • There's a "buy more storage" button in iCloud
  • There's a wireless iTunes sync setting
  • Calendar now has week view in landscape mode
  • Move Camera Roll photos to existing albums or create new ones
  • Add multiple Twitter accounts in Settings
  • Storage usage by app
  • On-device software updates
  • Open Safari links in background
  • SMS/iMessage are the same app, sends depending on what receiver can handle (AT&T/Verizon must hate that)

Photo gallery after the break, and we'll update if/when we're sent more.

[Thanks Ethan, Richard, K, and anonymous!]

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iOS 5 beta gallery


Question for those who have installed the beta: are messages sent as iMessages subject to push notification rules - specifically, if you turn off notifications, do these messages still come through, come through after notifications are re-enabled, or simply lost?

iMessages do indeed behave as texts do, and if can not be sent through that, you have the option to send as texts.

Does iMessage send via phone number from iPad? or is it the apple ID screen name?
And also, will it send via carrier sms from iPad if the person doesn't have an iOS device that its being sent to?

You realize that’s a violation…
“Authorized Developers” means Your employees and contractors, members of Your organization or, if You are an educational institution, Your faculty and staff who (a) each have an active and valid Registered Apple Developer account with Apple, (b) have a demonstrable need to know or use the Apple Software in order to develop and test Applications, and (c) to the extent such individuals will have access to Apple Confidential Information, each have written and binding agreements with You to protect the unauthorized use and disclosure of such Apple Confidential Information.
“Authorized Test Devices” means iOS Products owned or controlled by You that have been designated by You for testing and development purposes and specifically registered with Apple under this Program.

You realize that's a violation...
“Authorized Developers” means Your employees and contractors, members of Your organization
or, if You are an educational institution, Your faculty and staff who (a) each have an active and
valid Registered Apple Developer account with Apple, (b) have a demonstrable need to know or
use the Apple Software in order to develop and test Applications, and (c) to the extent such
individuals will have access to Apple Confidential Information, each have written and binding
agreements with You to protect the unauthorized use and disclosure of such Apple Confidential
“Authorized Test Devices” means iOS Products owned or controlled by You that have been
designated by You for testing and development purposes and specifically registered with Apple
under this Program.

Dude, stop repeating your comment at him. I'm sure he ignored u the first time as well as the last.

I really hope so! I couldn't care less about stocks and I really don't want to see them all the time.

Go into settings/notifications and you'll see the weather widget and stock widget at the bottom of the list. Select them and toggle the on/off switch. Then they're gone.

Question about iMessage that hopefully someone can answer. I have 3 iOS devices - iPad 2, my iPhone 4, and wife's iPhone 4. So that we can share content (mainly apps) without paying twice, my iTunes account is on all 3 devices. When using iMessage, will iOS treat the two iPhone as individuals based on phone number, or will they be the same in sync device like the iPad? In other words, will my wife's iMessages show up on my phone and vice versa? I really hope to get clarification on this. Thanks.

yes, but once you've got it set up, anything you get on your phone/ipad, your wife can drag from your library in itunes to hers

How does iCloud sharing work with home sharing? My wife's account is our default purchased music library, but other family accounts are authorized and use it. Will those accounts be able to see cloud-stored media, or only the primary "owning" account?

In Regards to your question, as long as the devices have different numbers the iMessage will work. So yes to both iPhones now for the iPad you can always tell it an alternate email to use and will function normally.

It should work fine. I read that iMessage detects whether it can bypass SMS based on the email or phone number of the contact. So you would have different emails and phone numbers for the people you are trying to iMessage, correct?

myPhone - Steve says it is pushed to 'All your iOS devices' so my best guess is that yes it will show on your wifes phone.
I have the same set up as you and the only work around I can see is to create a new Apple ID for her and just authorize it to play all of my content through iTunes

Thanks Dave. Good idea. Another option could be just to turn off iMessage completely. I see that as an option on the bottom left screenshot. The only purpose I see iMessage as is to conserve text (SMS) messages. I never run over my monthly limit anyway.

I'm not sure about the US but in the UK even the most basic contracts have unlimited texts and 1GB of data so its obvious which one should be saved. There does need to be an easier way tho cos sending video sounds good!

$10 for texts. What a rip off. Do you get ANY texts as part of your normal contract cost?

Agreed - it's a waste of space. That's the first thing I noticed when I first got an iPad. Now they are bringing it to the iPhone.

I've also noticed you can't put newsstand into a folder. Which sucks, because most of my stock apple apps go into a "Utilities" folder.

Good point, but personally I have no need for newsstand. I've been looking through settings to see if there was a way to disable. It's just obtrusive to those without subscriptions.

I believe there is a jaillbreak tweak to put the iPod app back. I recall my son doing it on his iPod Touch for this same reason - why two separate apps, when one will do?

I'm the total opposite. I would like to have separate video, music and podcast apps. If I happened to be an audiobook listener, I'd prefer a separate audiobook app. There are 3rd party audiobook apps, but Apple's got the special UI chrome in so many of its apps.

I don't know if I like the idea of the iMessages and SMS being in the same app, but I assume that they may be pretty easy to use and differentiate.

Yep. If you view the first picture (mine! :-D) the texts are green bubbles, and the iMessages are blue.
The send button even changes color to reflect how you're sending.

So if I use the messages app now and am "texting" another iOS user it will automatically send it as an iMessage and not use my bank of SMS from AT&T? Am I reading this right?
I guess that's cool but very of my friends have iPhones.

I know it's a petty thing to pick up on but that music app icon is ugly as hell. I would have preferred to keep the iPod app too!

Note to TiPb: Weather app has some really cool changes. If you click on the day of forecast a time breakdown of the weather split outs below.

Really?? wow, this is a huge disappointment. Its such a simple feature too, its almost like apple is disallowing it for philosophical reasons now. So that means I STILL need to jailbreak if i want to set a custom sound for a text tone......bummer!

Um, if you watch the keynote, custom tone alerts and a iTunes tones store were listed as new upgrades. Get a clue.

My biggest question is... Does iMessage use data or does it go through the same way as an SMS would? Since carriers have gotten rid of unlimited data small things like this could add up for those of us who send a lot of texts. :)

It would have to use data. If it went through like an SMS, then it would be an SMS by definition.

A standard text message would not use even 1kb. Unless you plan to send thousands of messages every day (and even then), don't worry about message data usage.

A standard text message uses 0.13671875 of one KB. So carriers are charging us several million times the rate of standard data. Go figure.

does anyone know if iCal and Reminders now finally support birthday reminders and work together with the contacts? I couln't find anything about that anywhere...

I would also like to know the answer to this question. I've been spending Apple multiple requests for this for yearly since the first iPhone and with every update - major or otherwise - it is still missing! Nokia's of 6years ago could do it - and surely it's an extremely easy integration. Fingers crossed someone has been listening.

It does support bday reminders. It is under Mail, Contacts, Calendar settings > Default Alert Times. I sent in a pic for this but it isn't up yet

That's awesome. Finally! Thanks heaps for confirming that Richard. Now I've just got to wait till September to get my hands on it. Haha

Any word on if other twitter apps such as echofon can be used as the default twitter app? Or will third party twitter apps become obsolete?

What stock apps are supported in notification centre? Specifically, can you configure it to show the calendar events for the next two weeks? If so, then one more jailbreak app gone.

Sadly no, not at the moment. The calendar only shows up in the notifications if it has an alert...I do miss that from LockInfo.

is there an ability to set different notification styles for individual apps (one app is banner style, another is alert)?

Yes, but you only have alerts, banners or none.
You can still choose to have it in the notifications area or not, though.

I agree, but I've used instant messaging for the same purpose (and across platform with a BB user) for quite some time. The new iMessage has value but the concept is not new.

I had a few issues. Worked the first time on one iDevice, then didn't.
I just chose to skip and logged in once I got in.

We can make albums right on the device and add photo/video in it? That's what i've been waiting for. No need to JB for that soon.

Does anybody know if you check a message on your iPad will it be marked as checked on your iPhone too?

If I wanted to backup everything to the cloud, I would have gone with a Droid. Why should I trust my personal information (contacts, email, SMS, etc.) to Apple anymore than I would trust it to Google - the paranoia factor? I prefer to backup locally, not globally, so I hope that local backup via iTunes is still an option without having to go to iCloud and with the ability to disable iCloud!

I understand you can share calendars, but can you send invitations to an event on your calendar to say your spouse? (specifically when calendars are set up with/through iCloud)?

Did they expand folders, 12 is too small? What about the apple weather app have the updated that? can it stop saying 73 degrees in winter? Did they speed up the opening of the camera? It was always a bit slow for me.
Thanks for any response.

No, still the same.
It is now a widget in notifications. And when you're in the forecast, if you tap a day, it shows an extended day view.
A bit. The entire OS seems smoother.

Has anyone tried sending a video via iMessage. Does it compress it horribly like MMS does, or doe you get decent video quality if its able to send via iMessage?

Are apps updated/pushed automatically or do you still have to go in the updates area and wait for it to load then put in your password each time?

I understand that msgs will be sent as sms if imessage is unavailable, but how about a picture? I don't wanna get dinged with a PPU in that case. If that faint iMessage exists in the content, is that good enough to guarantee iMessage delivery? Seems like the service must be constantly polling here :/.

I'm guessing if your internet connection is drastically poor, and Apple's servers are down, then it'll switch to texts/MMS.

iMessage will only work for iDevice with iOS 5 communication. If you plan to send a pic msg to someone without an iPhone you will be dinged your standard rate.

Do NOT NOT NOT share an e-mail to randomly add people to developer accounts. We urge developers to NOT do this. If I see any comments sharing e-mails or asking people to add them to their developer accounts, they will simply be deleted.
It it against Apple's Developer terms - and we do not condone illegally downloaded intellectual property you do not have rights to.

I always thought that if you were on a developer account you could download and install the beta? its not against the rules to add people to your dev account, and if you're on a dev account you have access to download the beta. Theres no illegally downloading property there. Now if they post a torrent site where to get the OS then yes thats illegal, but i dont think asking to be on a dev account breaks any laws.

How stable is it. I am a developer (iPad) mostly, but would like to check it out on my iPhone, which is my primary device. Is it stable for phone usage?

It appears to be very very smooth, and very stable. I am enjoying it quite a bit. Seems to be zippier and snappier as well!

I've got it on my iPod touch 4th gen and it seems a bit clunky, not very smooth. It does seem stable though.

Running on both my iPhone 4 and 3Gs without issue. The 3Gs is a little clunkier in some aspects. but appears okay on both thus far.

One nice thing I've noticed is in the Camera App, if you swipe to the left you get into the images, latest pic first and then keep swiping to go through the images on the device.

Anybody know if you can buy a few apps at once i.e like in itunes? Instead of having to buy and app, open the app store up again...blah blah?

Does anyone know yet if iCloud will back up and keep a gmail account in sync as well or do I need to get a email address? Thanks.

Any insights as to battery life, recognizing that most will not have "played" with iOS 5 for a long time yet?

I don't have much insight on battery use but i will tell you I was at 100% at 2:40 and at 7:15 im at 39% I've been using it pretty consistently too

Is anyone running iOS5 on a 3GS? Any ideas if it will be released for the 3GS or is the processor too slow?

QUESTION: can you load remotely hosted images in Mail now on-the-fly? for instance, can they NOT load by default, but then loaded inside the email message at a later time? [for spam purposes]

Wii iOS5 work with any iDevice running 4.2.1? I am holding out for an iPhone 5. I am stuck with verizon due to the Alltel buy out. In my area the phone service is great, but the customer service us horrid. My contract us up, but my wife still has a year plus. Do not want to get an iPhone 4. Do not even know what will be supported by them reference iOS5. Guess it's the waiting game.

As soon as your account is active. Some accounts depending on where you are registering from US or Canada... take a little longer. Mine was up the same day after payment.

ok maybe someone can help me with getting the beta installed.. ive registered with the developer site did the $99 thing for the iphone just so i can get the beta downloaded.. got it now but wont open and i have updated to itunes 10.5 before anyone ask. please any help with this would be greatly appreciated..thanks..would have gone through the developers faq but find that as im not a programmer of any sort and just wanted to use beta this would be easier for me to get an answer on. thanks

As noted below in Ethan S comment, it is a violation. It is relatively easy, I recommend you read the documentation or release notes. That is the best I can do at telling you how to do a restore with the beta, aside from telling it is all over google, and in Jailbreak forums on how to achieve this.

Oy vey.
On a Mac, open the downloaded iOS DMG and then drag the IPSW to the desktop.
Open iTunes 10.5 beta.
Select the iPhone tab, then hold "Shift" (on Windows) or "Alt/Option" (on a Mac) and click on Restore.
Navigate to the IPSW, and select it.
Sit back and wait.

Why is mods on the site care about breaking the developers terms of service when at the same time they talk allll the time about jailbreaking. They both violate terms.... why should one be cared more about than the other?

Most people don't care for the JB solution so this would be good for the vast majority of iPhone users. I'm sure Apple will put the brakes on it now though since YOU'RE not impressed.

Does iOS5 allow multiple Apple ID/ accounts in settings? I'd like to use iMessage with two different accounts, one for business, other for chat with friends. Thanks.