iOS 5 Features: Picture editing comes to Photos

iOS 5 Features: Picture editing comes to Photos

With iOS 5, Apple has moved the powerful CoreImage framework from OS X over to their mobile operating system, allowing the Photos app for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad to do some basic image editing work. Now, by tapping on the edit button at the top right, you get access to several iPhoto-like tools:

  • Rotate, to turn your image in 90 degree increments
  • Auto-enhance, which waves a magic wand and tries to balance your image
  • Red-eye removal, so you can just say goodbye to flash-induced evil possession
  • Crop, which lets you cut away the parts of an image you don't want, and includes all the standard presets

As is the case with most built-in functions, it provides the basic set of tools but is by no means a feature complete photo editing app. Still, it's free, its bundled, and very many it will be good enough.

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Reader comments

iOS 5 Features: Picture editing comes to Photos


I'm really looking forward to this new feature. I don't do a ton of photo editing on my phone but I've always wanted the Camera app on the iPhone to have the option of cropping photos without having to resort to another app just for that function. This will be great!

Will probably remove my photoshop express app once iOS 5 is unleashed then, basically just use it for crop/rotate now on my phone and this will eliminate the middle man.

How about a flip horizontal feature?!?! iPhone always messes up when using the front facing camera. The Mac can correct this, why not the iPhone?!

Bah never mind the noob that I am. Was looking at Camera and not photos. This is pretty impressive for what it is!

Does "auto-enhance" feature replace the HDR feature in the camera? Seems like they do the same thing.

Can you move photos around to different albums in Photos on iPad with iOS 5 ?
I heard some hints that this feature will be available but hope it is confirmed.
At the moment you can only do this in iTunes on PC or Mac ..

I think it's great that they did this. Especially cropping and rotating. Other photo apps that do more work won't be affected I think.

I'm am so excited about this. I remember in iOS 4 beta when they had the rotate functionality but they removed it. Glad to see it, along w/the other great photo editing features, are coming in iOS 5. Whooo!

It sucks, i tried it, uploaded the picture in facebook but still in its original settings, and if u view it on ur phone it will show that it is edited..