iOS 5 features: Swipe away keyboard in Messages

iOS 5 features: Swipe away keyboard in Messages

iOS 5 brings the much heralded iMessage service to the Messages app, beta 2 has added a small but long-requested feature all its own -- the ability to swipe away the keyboard. In current versions of iOS, one you tap into the text entry box it's a bit of a chore to get rid of it again, which is annoying if you want to see the full screen view of your messages.

Now, with iOS 5 beta 2, you simply touch above the keyboard and swipe downwards, and the keyboard goes away. Simple. Sweet.

Again, a minor feature to be sure, but one that will no doubt be appreciated by many.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in]

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iOS 5 features: Swipe away keyboard in Messages


really? idk if im more annoyed at the fact that this was important enough to be a post... or that... they took this from android (too).

Took from android?? I've not seen android's system, but this has existed in iPad from day one. So I've always wondered why it took so long from iPhone to get this feature when several iOS upgrades occured since iPad was released.

Yeah on Android you swipe down and the keyboard goes away. Been in the system since day one. I actually just found out about this issue with keyboard in iPhone like a week ago. Good Implementation though. I'd be really annoyed in landscape view.

I think this IS blog-worthy I've been waiting for this for some time. I'm quite sure anyone who uses sms will love the iMessenger' swipe away keyboard.

Technically, it's the "swipe to hide" on the Messages app. The iMessage is a service within the Messages app, not an app itself.

Don't worry, things will pick up around September. Be patient. And yes this small detail is petty but an added benefit. Someone people would never know it's there.
If you don't have anything good to say don't say anything at all. I'm sure your parents would be proud.

What are you trying to say? You have the writing skills of a adolescent who suffered a terrible firework relate accident.

Thanks, I'll work on my writing skills just for you. Also, it's called multitasking while at work, I don't really have time to proof read. I was actually replying to the person above me but looks like their post was deleted. Sorry if I upset you.
And that fireworks accident wasn't that bad, only minor burns. :)

Yes. Apple seems to miss the boat when it comes to basic little tweaks. There are so many that BiteSMS has on iMessage. But yes, finally I can hide the keyboard. Now if I can get the option to use the black keyboard system wide, timestams for every message, delayed send/confirm send, QR/QC ... Pretty much just give me bite then I'll be satisfied w/the messages on iOS.

Hiding the keyboard, time stamps and emoticons would be nice. I also like the status bar icon that biteSMS has. But the notification center in iOS5 is a good alternative to the status bar icon.

This is post worthy, if you don't want to read it, don't click the link. You have a choice. Thanks Rene for the information, it's valued here.

I'm glad they added this, it always annoyed me that you couldn't do it in messages, when you can in third party apps like Whatsapp

Thanks for the info, it's a needed feature. I wish though there is a way to cancel sending a text. That would be nice to stop one from sending, maybe someone will develop that.

The Blackberry Storm had this feature originally, before Android or iPads were on the market. You could hide/display the keyboard in any app via the menu or with a swipe down. Very post-worthy to people who use iPhone for more than a mobile web browser. Is this just for iMessage or in Mail as well?

I know that it's kind of off topic but has anyone noticed that the media players controls have been changed when playing videos in safari and YouTube in iOS 5b2. For example I have to pinch to close the media player.

Awesome. I'd say the keyboard stuck at bottom of message window was my biggest complaint. I love the way iPad has the dedicated docking button in lower R corner to hide it.
Apple..... Thanks for hearing our complaints!

This was a + for the bb storm1... Why did it take them so long to implement such a simple concept?