iOS 5 to include new messaging service across iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

iOS 5 will include an all-new iMessage service across the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The system has a look and feel a lot like the text message app in iOS for the iPhone, and comes with a BBM-style delivery and read receipts, real-time typing indications and looks really great.

Messages are pushed across all iOS devices and since it's all cross-device, you can pick up on the conversation right where you left off when switching from your iPhone to your iPad or iPod touch. The system, of course, will use the new notifications system in iOS 5. Tapping on the notification brings you straight to the new messaging interface, letting the recipient see right when you begin typing.

iMessage includes sending messages, photos and videos right from the camera roll or albums and works over WiFi or 3G.

Apple has really outdone themselves on this one, what do you think?

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Andrew Wray

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Reader comments

iOS 5 to include new messaging service across iPhone, iPad and iPod touch


WIll this message system also handle SMS? Here's to the hope that we will be able to reply to and send sms directly from the notification interface...

This will not replace SMS messaging on the iPhone, but will be in addition to it for others using iOS devices. No charge.

Andrew, do you know if this system will handle SMS at the same time, or will we still have to interrupt apps to send or reply to SMS?

lol, I know huh. Then again all innovation start from stealing ideas from others. So Apple, leave Samsung alone!! (in Chris Crocker mode)

Separate from email. Separate from Twitter. Separate from Facetime. Separate from texting. Separate from Facebook chat.
I can't wait..

will there be a contact list? broadcasts? and how would you add people? pin? ID? How fast will this be? I haven't seen the checkmarks for delivery and receipts?? too many questions...

I think this new messaging system is great but I also wonder how long it will be before RIM joins the fun with litigation.

Finally someone that let's you message with your Apple-touting friends exclusively! If you have friends that do not already use an iPhone, you can upgrade to a better class of friends at your local Apple Store ;-)
Seriously it's the least impressive new feature, unless... it's an open API and we'll start seeing compatible programs on other platforms. Chances of that are probably very near to zero.

iSTEAL because iCAN and iDONTCARE if you like it or not, because iSELL a crapload of whatever iPUMP out to my loyal followers. iDAREYOU to sue me because iOWN this industry and call on the iMEDIA to slam any efforts to stop me.
iAM the great and powerful iJOBS!

My big ? Is I have two IPhones and a iPod touch all using one account. Will my wife,daughter and myself be able to use Imessage app if we all have the same apple ID's ?

this will be put in the same messages app we already have on the iPhone, you'll only get a new app on iPd touch and iPad.

The only way I'd be impressed with any new messaging feature in ios5 is if they implemented something like BiteSMS where I can reply to texts without having to leave whatever app I'm in. And even if Apple did that, they're still copying someone else, but at least giving us what we want. BiteSMS is one of the main reasons I jailbreak.

I sure hope this new protocol is open. I would love to have a Windows iMessage client. I love the multi location feature. Starting a convo on one device and continue on another. Like start on my PC at work and then continue on my phone on the way home (while driving of course) and then back to my machine at home if I want to.

Does anyone know if the delivery receipt works with regular text messaging if you are not on AT&T? AT&T does not support iy but Verizon and other international carriers do but the iPhone does not. I am hoping IOS 5 does so I can stop jailbreaking.