iOS 5 for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad

iOS 5 for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad now available

Apple has just released iOS 5 for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Just plug into iTunes and check for updates. Arguably Apple's most ambitious update ever, it includes iCloud integration as well as Notification Center, iMessage, AirPlay Mirroring, and a host of new features.

If you're updating now, let us know how it's going for you, and if you need help, here are your go-to link.

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Gsarfin says:

Took about 3 hours from sync/backup to download to update/sync, but iOS 5 is now running on my 3GS!

Frank Tha Tank says:

How is it running, any sluggishness?

Derongarett says:

keep try to update it took me 4 trys?

Cooper says:

How is it a sense of entitlement? More of a sense of why the fuck don't Apple use some common sense? That's 3 hours of my day wasted going nowhere.
Every sodding year, Apple fuck up, yet everyone comes back and swears how great they are. Unless iOS5 can give me a blowjob I'm going to the dark side.

manny says:

i keep getting Error 3200 ive done everything that apple said to do to fix it but still noting... anyone know how to fix this?

Abqcleve says:

Keep trying! You're competing with millions for server access....

Steve Osborn1958 says:

just tried updating, error occured, now telling me no sim, help

VampyreKei says:

Any other iPad 2 users getting an Internal Error message? I've tried installing the update like 4 times, and get the same thing each time! My iPad is NOT jailbroken. I updated iTunes yesterday, iOS 5 downloaded, but just won't install. :/

Abqcleve says:

Apple does have support--if you pay for it! It also has lots more customers. Apple's best support has always come from its users on forums like this one. The 3200 error is a network error: you're competing with millions. Keep retrying or if you're frustrated, take a break! It will work.

Mike says:

i just downloaded it and no iMessage WTF

tony says:

It's not an app, you need to message somebody that has i OS 5 and it changes the message from SMS to iMessage.

Abqcleve says:

nothing like reading the directions, eh?? ;-)

Mike says:

So if I am on wifi and roaming where I have to pay $.75 a sms is it going to send it Wifi lIke BBM or SMS do you know ?

Chris Lucero says:

Finally got my Ipad updated but had an error 3200 at first.Ended up fixing this by turning off both my Ipad and laptop. Unplugged the Ipad from the computer and tried the update all again after restarting everything.

Abqcleve says:

That's a coincidence: the 3200 error is strictly network access to Apple's servers: you got lucky! ;-)

Andy357 says:

Finally dl'd OS 5. Went to install and it just sits there at the backing up my device screen. Bar hasn't moved in 20 mins. What ya think? Keep waiting or try again?

kyle says:

I kept on getting the error on the iPhone restore and it was because I was using of the older USB cables instead of one of the newer ones. Once I used the new one it worked like a charm. Hope that helps.

Bacco says:

Kyle, thanks for the tip. Once I did what you suggested, it worked like a charm.


i get an error stating that it couldnt verify my backup with apple, i take it as a connection error on apples part due to everyone upgrading at the same time? id like some feed back to make me feel better :/

Jparsons says:

just got off the phone with apple cause i was getting the 3200 error, they told me their servers are down & not to try to update till tomorrow, now the waiting again.

Ian Burns says:

If you get the Internal Error message, just try it again, I think it took me 5 tries to get it, there's a TON of traffic right now, but you'll get through.

johnnyray says:

I'm on try 7 or 8, if it doesn't work this time I'm just going to give up until tomorrow.

deadly_shuriken says:

iOS5 is missing widgets on lockscreen for my 3GS, also cam app does not have the additional camera features such as crop, autoadjust, can however use the volume button to take seems like once again Apple gives a half baked version to the 3GS, very odd knowing that Apple is selling the 3GS still...

Alnabil says:

Update is done, iPhone 4 running iOS5 now.
1st try: error 3200
2nd try: OK
Restoring iPhone musics, videos, apps... from backup.
it's DONE.

Erincaruthers says:

OK, been trying for 2 hours, I keep getting the internal error, so I just tried again and it said that the servers were too busy. Now Im trying again. Im also downloading lion 10.7.2, Im thinking that could also be an issue. If i restart my macbook, will i lose the ios 5 download?????

Ace003 says:

Is there a way to run iTunes move iTunes to an external hardrive on a PC as my hardrive is full

deadly_shuriken says:

Jparsons i also got the error code 3200, i simply restarted my computer and tried again and it worked fine...TRY AGAIN!! :)

Erincaruthers says:

There is too many people in the world!!!!
I am so sick of this, you cant do anything anymore without waiting in line!!
I cant even update my phone becuase your 60 year old dad is on here trying to update!! get a life dorks!! I just want my update!! I have been waiting on this FOREVER!!!

Mandy says:

Doesn't that make you part of the problem?

Guest says:

Grab a box of tissues, sit the fuck down, and stop crying! That's the problem with the world today. Nobody has any patience. I want it now (stomps feet) now now now now!

Guest says:

The irony of your statement is astounding.

Abqcleve says:

Apple Care is a purchase option on all Apple products....

Abqcleve says:

Another possible useful tip from the Apple discussions for Win users:
To avoid Backup AGAIN and AGAIN after you successfully downloaded the 720Mb file AND backuped your ipad at least once:

  1. Hold Left-Shift key and Click "Restore" button in iTunes
  2. Look for the File: ussually in (Windows 7):

C:UsersAppDataRoamingApple ComputeriTunesiPad Software Updates

  1. choose the file you downloaded and click OK
  2. Keep trying step 1-3
IPh4 says:

After 20 times this worked for me, I kept looking in the local file or would have done it sooner

Jejoro says:

My Conputer & iTunes won't even recognise my iphone is plugged in anymore...?!?

Matrixz1404 says:

won't restore. internal error has occurred. called apple. they are aware of issue. all dude said is that a lot of people downloading. keep trying or wait till later.

RCLifeStyle says:

iOS5 finally came through.... keep trying everyone it will eventually work... Only 15-20 tries for me :-{}

Erincaruthers says:


Jonatan Karter says:

Tried to do the update and now it looks like my iPad is bricked. Wtf!

Intrudah says:

I had the same issue, I unplugged the ipad and replugged it, after getting the 3002 whatever error few times its finally updated

RocketmanNY says:

Have given up for now. Too many Error 3200 and 3004. Will try again in a few hours/days. Congrats to all those who got in to the Apple servers and ran a successful update!

Michaelr Watson says:

The Only error I get says: iPhone cannot be restored. This device is not eligible for the requested build". What's up with that? It's an iPhone 4!

Erincaruthers says:


johnnyray says:

It's overloaded with whipersnappers, I'm taking away my kids iphones until this is straitened out. I suggest everyone else do the same, they can get ios5 next week.

Abqcleve says:

From the posts here, johnnyray, I agree!!

Anti_Ponjin says:

When I click on the How to install IOS 5 link it takes me to WORD PRESS login page.. WHY???

Ip.fanboy says:

im not having problems getting the new update AT ALL!!!! thanks god is working great and mine was jailbroken!!!! still, I'm not having problems getting the iOS 5.... good luck ya all!!!

crank3d says:

to everyone getting the 3200 error. just keep trying, i honestly tried 30 times before finally getting ios5 up and running. and i was coming 4.3.5 untethered JB. be patient!

Noah Rasheta says:

Finally!! After about 15 tries and eventually having to go into DFU mode and restore, I got iOS 5 running. Hallelujah!!

Singhgaurav101 says:

My phone is shows that its booting and then sign of loading the file and then shuts off. and keeps repeating this process. kindly advise

Alex Perez says:

Nice iOS 5 fried my iPad 2! This is coming from Apple Tech Support

Jonatan Karter says:

Same issue!
Best Regards,
From the desk of:
Damon Jonatan Karter-McCreary
Phone: (347) 687-9701
Find me on Facebook:
Confidentiality Notice: This email message, including any attachments, is for the sole use of the intended recipient(s) and may contain confidential and privileged information. Any unauthorized use, disclosure or distribution is prohibited. If you are not the intended recipient, please contact the sender by reply email and destroy all copies of the original message.

Dee says:

no update for 3G users :(

Abqcleve says:

Yes there is: it's called "buy a 4." That's what I'm doing this weekend....

Gurusfz says:

i updated my iPhone 4 and i have no option for camera on the lock screen.

Sml980 says:

Double click home button

N25000 says:

Tried 5 times, and finally got it.. And one thing. On my 3GS i got the camera editing features, but no geo fence for reminders? hmm

Duane Draughon says:

I think I figure out the error message. Apple has to verify your device and their servers are probably jam packed today. After about 8 tries my Ipad 2 is now updating. Just have patients, it will work. I got scared for a second. lol

Aziiz says:

I thought all Apple products "Just Works".

Tbradfranklin says:

I was thinking the same thing

J0hnnyn says:

How's the adobe flash integration?

Abqcleve says:

Ha, ha! You just hang on to that shred of Android superiority as long as you can....

Jonatan Karter says:

I think I'm in business! Yay!

wtf? says:

It's freaking bullsh&t that Apple's servers can't handle the volume of downloads.

Christopher Sosa says:

i cant download says error !! i cant stand this!!! someone help please

deadly_shuriken says:

Couldve sworn there was the weather app and stock app on the lock screen when i saw previews? Also what about the camera button on the lock screen? Thats not there either...

Guest says:

Jesus, try READING about the update before commenting on it. You'll look less retarded.

wxologist says:

Anyone get stuck on the "Find My iPhone" screen???

Av says:

This has got to be one of the funniest comment threads I’ve ever seen.
Some people here are acting like junkies out on the street begging for a fix. It’s kind of disgusting.

Raymond Lawrence says:

i have tried everything... i even update my mac yesterday so that i would be ok to start. but am just stuck in fking recovery mode and now my mac is looking to download OS Lion recovery what the Fk is going on here.... ahhhhhh

Abqcleve says:

Some of you on this board need institutional help. If you insist on downloading a major system upgrade on one of the most widely held device platforms in the world, with many millions of users, you'd better have a really tough hide or lots of patience. Don't scream here about Apple ineptitude: the impatience is purely yours. I'm waiting. When you guys flush out all the issues and they get resolved and the demand on servers drops, then I'll upgrade.
Holy smokes; some of these posts are beyond juvenile.

SteveW928 says:

Same here, now... I actually tried a half-dozen times throughout the day, and it failed with goofy error messages (I think the servers were just to busy to verify the update file, and then the device eligibility from what I could tell). Why they didn't spend a bit more time on error-trapping this (duh!) kind of event, to give some meaningful errors is beyond me (would save them a lot of phone calls and support traffic). After one of my friend's iPad ended up in recovery mode (the iPad needed to be restored to a previous OS and then backup restored), I decided maybe trying today wasn't such a good move.
I'm guessing many of the people with mucked-up iOS devices we're going to be reading about, wouldn't have happened if they hadn't all tried to update at once. Apple should have better anticipated and error-trapped this.

jsamora says:

Took 58 minutes to update my iPad from backup to finish. This is with me having to try the restore 3 times now on to the iPod. This looks like it will take much longer seeing as it is redownloading the update. :(

Chris Wuensch says:

my phone just got wiped out... have to restore to factory settings... OUCH!!!

Jejoro says:

If there is too much traffic on the servers why doesn't Apple spread out the update? That would help so much...!!! My iPhone is a Brick right now.!.!.!.!...!!!

Sml980 says:

Make sure you have downloaded the update for your Mac.

Rrossi2 says:

how about a hamburger with a side of frenchcries?

LongDL says:

Makes no sense why they wouldn't release this early EST so it can be downloaded in waves rather than the entire world being active at time of release. I smell bad press coming. Oh well I'm 60mb in and 4 hrs to go...I guess it will keep going.


it says cannot update, internal error. any help with that?

amoricaorbust says:

If I have 2 devices iPhone and iPad, does that mean I need to download thenupdate twice?

rafaelz says:

I have just bought an iPad 2 (4.3.5) and I'm looking forward for the iOS 5 jailbreak. Will I be in trouble if I just update it now?

Barry says:

Internal error occurred" after downloading and backing up??????? WTF can't apple get their **** straight??????

LongDL says:

I think my 4S will be here before this thing is finished downloading!

Mike S. says:

I feel the same way. I been trying for the past six hours and still no luck. I'm restoring my device now.

 Thomas Ray Rios 2 says:

Anyone Getting' The "Text Messages Full" Alert?!? I Didn't Get Any Text ALL Day Until I Restarted It! Help Please!

Gabriel Fitzgerald says:

Downloaded on my first try. Loading...

Mary says:

The first time i tried it went fine through the update but then gave me the unknown error when verifying at the end! Now when i turn on the iPhone it gives me the "connect to iTunes" screen, and when i try to restore it gives me the error!

Hans Madera says:

It took me all Aftermoon BUT got my I4 running IOS 5 On BB 4.10.xx on Gevey running tethered JB and it was FkG Worth it loving imsg and the notifications so far

Steve Park says:

Glad I have only been trying to update my 4th Gen iPod touch, I have been getting strange can't restore messages for 6 hours now.....4.3.5 looking pretty good.

Icemessenger says:

Done! Spent three hours on the upgrade.

Mss_vee says:

I have a quick question, with the ios5 release I thought there would be quick access to camera from lock screen... I don't have that? Agh i was really looking forward to that change

PensiveCub says:

you have to double click from the lock screen

PensiveCub says:

I have finally updated but now it tells me that i have 6 GB of "Other" data. what do i do?

J3POY says:

error 3200 is gone and updated Ipad and Iphone4 with no problem this morning.

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