iOS 5 update really is going to be magical [Sunday fun]

The iOS 5 big reveal will be at WWDC tomorrow, Apple always like to say its devices are magical; well if you watch this video they really are. German magician Simon Pierro, who is a German Magic Circle Master, has put together his take on what to expect from iOS 5. He demonstrates some amazing new magical features on his iPad 2. As you would expect, it is rather different to what we all expect but it is well worth a watch.

Check it out after the break. Which features from this video would you like to see in iOS 5? Let us know in the comments!

[iOS Magic]


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Reader comments

iOS 5 update really is going to be magical [Sunday fun]


Those tricks are getting old, the CEO of ASUS just did that on the Padfone announcement, and he´s no magician.

Oh come on guys, it was a little fun - and guess what, it was funny....!!! Really well done! I'll guarantee you IOS5 won't be as innovative....!!??!!