iOS 4 App Updates: Foursquare, Pulse News Mini, Paypal, iTranslate, eBay Mobile


We're still keeping our eye out for great iOS 4 apps that take advantage of the new APIs and features available to developers under iOS4. We've found a couple more good ones to share with you guys, and as always, if you see any good ones, drop 'em in the comments so we can check them out too!


Even though Foursquare has already received a general update for iOS4, it seems they’re still adding new features. Along with several needed bug fixes, they’ve added support for in-app sms and e-mail as well as more support for iPhone 4 retina display. I was pretty disappointed in Foursquare for quite a while as far as the GPS refreshing and multitasking but it appears this version fixed most of my complaints. It’s nice to see they’re taking an active role in improving the overall user experience.

[iTunes Link]

Pulse News Mini

I took a look at this app about a month ago. It’s still got a ways to come functionality, but its hands down one of the most gorgeous RSS apps available for iOS. I’ve found myself using Pulse for quick reading and using Reeder when I actually want to sit down and catch up on any missed RSS feeds I hadn’t had time to read. This version adds support for the iPhone 4 retina display as well as adding some speed enhancements. It also adds a cool feature where you can bump phones with a friend that uses Pulse and share your feeds and articles. Beats e-mailing them a link for sure.

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The Paypal app got a much needed update a few months ago that added more core functionality, but since then, it’s somewhat sat stagnant beyond minor bug fixes. It appears this version adds iOS4 support but Paypal hasn’t elaborated on exactly what that entails. I don’t believe there is retina display support (at least it doesn’t look any sharper to me). I’m assuming basic enhancements such as multitasking and better compatibility is what they’ve added. I had a few crashes with the Paypal app on iOS4 but since the update, it appears to be crash free.

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I know there’s tons of translation apps out there, but iTranslate still remains one of my favorites. It’s simple and clean. This version adds support for the retina display for iPhone 4 users as well as fast app switching and in-app SMS. If you’re looking for a simple translator, it doesn’t get any easier than this app.  There's also a plus version and in-app purchase available for text to speech.

[iTunes Link]

eBay Mobile

I’ve been a fan of the eBay mobile app since it came out. It’s been nice to be able to browse through auctions quickly on the go. This update adds support for fast app switching and high resolution images for iPhone 4 users. It also addresses some issues as well as adding an easier Paypal solution in-app. If you haven’t picked it up yet, it’s free. Check it out!

[iTunes Link]

Hope you guys are having as much fun with iOS 4 as we are! Let us know your thoughts on these updates as well as anything you guys may stumble upon that we missed!

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Reader comments

iOS 4 App Updates: Foursquare, Pulse News Mini, Paypal, iTranslate, eBay Mobile


ebay app in general still is woefully weak when compared to some core functionality needed to make it useful. Instead of improving resolution could not improve the UI to include some basics like upgrading the selling features in My ebay section.
It's an okay app to view auctions but not to manage them.

I personally think that this iOS tested apps thing needs to go! You should make it "iPhone 4 apps" that way we know for sure that they've been enhanced for the retina display!!
i.e. PayPal graphics still suck! they just updated their icon and nothing else!

OK ..... Whoooo, I can still get the eBay classic version on my iPhone 3GS that still uses the 3.1.3 ISO (operating system) and my iPad or on my old iPod Touch that uses the 3.1.3 ISO also.
 I just can't get the classic version of eBay Auctions on my newer iPod Touch that has been updated to the new 4.0 ISO. It always loads the mobile version and I find no option for changing to the classic version. 
I tried emailing myself an URL from a regular eBay classic version listing as seen on my PC ... Opened it on my newer iPod Touch, with the 4.0 ISO, and sure enough as it loaded, the URL switched to the eBay mobile version. Now when I click that same email link from one of my other touch screen devices, running the older 3.1.3 operating system, the classic eBay version is loaded onto my device.
Why is this important to me? ....... I want to compose much of my listings using my handheld devices rather then my computer.......... But while on my hand held devices,  I still want to see how they will look when viewed from a computer. And you know... one thing I like about these Touch screen devices is how they can display an eBay page just as seen on a computer.
Well, as much as I like some of the new features on Apple's new IOS 4.0, I have been holding off updating my iPhone 3GS ISO. I hope by the time I do, there will be an option for viewing eBay listings in the classic version.

Can anyone help me access classic eBay on the iPhone 3G? I have phone 3. I got there using mini opera, but when I signed in it went back to mobile version, which has way less features.
There's supposed to be a way to select viewing in classic @ bottom left below copyright before you signin; I can't find it.