iOS 4 app updates: Bing, CoPilot, Gowalla, Waze, Osfoora


As you all know, we've been watching the App Store for iOS4 compatible updates. We've found a few we think are worthy of a postup, and as normal, if you guys find anything especially awesome, feel free to leave it in a comment or send it to me in an e-mail (ally (dot) kazmucha (at) tipb (dot) com) and if we think it's awesome too, we'll include it in our next roundup!

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Bing is relatively new to the search game, but it's definitely holding it's own. As far as search engines go, I'm a fan of how Bing is organized and how it now interacts with your social networks. Bing is now updated for iOS4 support (mainly multitasking). There was no talk of support for the retina display for iPhone 4, and I'm really hoping this is something Microsoft will eventually add. It's already got a beautiful layout, that would just make it even more enjoyable to look at.

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CoPilot is a popular navigation app.  There are several versions of CoPilot, so you'd have to find the one that's for your country.  It provides turn by turn satellite navigation and it's now compatible with iOS4 and offers background navigation.  It'll even continue giving your directions while talking on the phone.  CoPilot has also added support for the iPhone 4's retina display.

[iTunes Link] - (North American Version)


Now this is an app I use on a daily basis and for the past few weeks, the GPS glitches had been driving me nuts. It would tell me I was somewhere I definitely was not, and it was creating spots in the wrong places for a lot of people. They released an update recently that allows support for iOS4 but there was one little problem, every single time you'd open Gowalla, if it was backgrounded, it refused to update your GPS location until you physically closed the task and reopened it, then it would show GPS accurately (some of the time). I was surprised to see Gowalla released an update so quickly, but the new one seems to solve the GPS not refreshing. I have also noticed for the past few days, it's been spot on, which is a nice change. There's also now support for the iPhone 4 retina display. Badges and Pins have been tweaked a bit and overall, I'd say I'm happy with this update. It really needed it, and I'm glad to see Gowalla has responded to user issues quickly.

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Waze is a unique type of social networking application that's based upon movement. On top of that, it's also a completely free turn by turn nav app that'll give you traffic reports. The most recent update to Waze adds support for backgrounding and Facebook integration. The app will automatically kill the background task after 10 minutes of no movement. If you've experimented with it, let us know what you think in the comments!

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I'm relatively new to Osfoora (finally caved and got it after several people suggested it). I'm definitely not disappointed and it's my main Twitter client (for now anyways, I'm pretty shallow when it comes to Twitter clients). The most recent update to Osfoora adds support for iOS4 via multitasking. I didn't see anything about an update for the iPhone 4 retina display but the icons look sharper. I could just be seeing things, anyone else catch this or is it still the same? Overall, Osfoora is incredibly quick and multitasking will take you right where you left off. You can also upload a picture or video in the background, which to me is extremely useful, especially when I'm in areas with crappy Edge service.

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iOS 4 app updates: Bing, CoPilot, Gowalla, Waze, Osfoora


I've been using waze for more than a year. The new update for task-switching makes it seem lightning fast. It does better integration with google search than Navigon. It reroutes quickly. It learns new roads based on your driving and routes accordingly (unlike Navigon which keeps telling me to "get back on the road"). And when you are the first person on a road, it switches to Pac-Man mode - making driving that much more fun.

@icebike - How is that bad news for iPhone? The better competition, the better it is for consumers. Google kicked it up in a big way for Froyo, hopefully Apple will do the same with the next Nitro build. Win. Win.
You're getting so grumpy lately, but I'm glad you're still here posting :D

Mapquest 4 mobile has also been updated and offers FREE turn by turn voice navigation. I find it much better than waze and its free!

It's always interesting to see how many Twitter apps there are and how similar each is. I understand that there is only so much you can do with a Twitter app which makes me wondering why people keep developing them. I could see it if they had drastically different features, but they don't. Also, I cannot fathom spending $2.99 for a Twitter app when I can just get Twitter for iPhone for free and it's a great app.