iOS 4 updated Apps: Twittelator Pro, GoodReader, Echofon, Reeder, Apple Store Mobile App


We're still lurking the App Store for signs of apps that have added iOS 4 support and we've found some more good ones. Some apps are only adding compatibility while some really take advantage of the new APIs Apple is offering to developers. Adding compatibility isn't the same as adding new APIs and features to increase not only user experience, but productivity and ease of use.

Read on to see what ones intrigued us this time.

Apple Store Mobile

I just received this update today and it adds retina display support for images within the Apple Store for iPhone 4 users as well as fast app switching. If you haven't downloaded this one yet, it's definitely much more convenient than trying to browse the Apple website within Safari, and it's free.

[iTunes Link]

Twittelator Pro

Twittelator Pro has always been a serious contender in the race for best Twitter client. A lot of people are hardcore users and follow the platform faithfully. They've updated their app with support for fast app switching along with the promise of faster speeds within the app. That's all they've announced, but to me, the icon and app looks a heck of a lot sharper on the iPhone 4. Anyone else notice this?

[iTunes Link]


Reeder has been my all-time favorite RSS app on my iPhone for quite a while now. I was happy to see they have now issued an update for iOS4 that supports fast app switching. Reeder would always cache the page even under OS 3.0 but the app just loads so much quicker now, and if you're actually viewing the real page within the Reeder browser, it won't kick you out of the article if you close it out, thanks to multitasking.

[iTunes Link]


Echofon, like Twittelator Pro is also one of the more popular Twitter clients you'll find in the App Store.  Recent updates in the past few months have made this client all the better.  They offer a free version and a paid version (sans the ads).  Echofon also offers push notifications and many of the advanced features clients like Twitter for iPhone and Twitteriffic offer.  This update added fast app switching and retina display support for iPhone 4 users.  If you haven't updated, go check it out!

[iTunes Link]


GoodReader is not only a PDF viewer but a program that will allow USB file transfer between devices.  It also provides wifi syncing as well which is awesome for transferring large PDF and text files to your iPhone from your computers.  I find this especially useful for work documents such as Excel files and large resolution images.  GoodReader also carriers a free version, but you're limited to transferring 5 files at a time.  The iOS4 update allows for fast app switching.  It does appear they have a bug in iOS4 that affects USB file transfer, and I'm not sure whether they've fixed that and just not updated the description, or if it's still present.  I haven't had any issues, how about you guys?

[iTunes Link]

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iOS 4 updated Apps: Twittelator Pro, GoodReader, Echofon, Reeder, Apple Store Mobile App


Twittelator pro certainly has high res. images for iPhone 4. And it's been out for almost a week now, get with it TiPb.

Could you please stop making article titles with over-promising beginnings? :p
"iOS 4 updated .... Apps"
"Apple unveiling iTunes cloud services and wireless syncing .... soon?"
My suggestion: Put a category in front of the titles, like "Rumor:", "Apps:", ...
(Also, "iPhone 4 - one week later" sounded like a postponed international release date to me when I had only seen the title in the RSS feed.)

@Sting7k there were actually 2 recent updates to twittelator and keep in mind app updates don't show up at the same time for everyone. We wait until we have a couple good apps that are updated decently before posting.
@Parabel I'm not sure what you mean by overstated titled but ios4 apps describes exactly what it is. Most of our titles fall in line exactly as other blogs post titles so I'm not quite sure what you mean by overpromising titles.

I sync my files from goodreader on my iPad to my iMac desktop using 'super flexible file synchronizer', via wifi. Works really well. The sin app is fantastic. I also sync with my older laptop, USB portable drive and iPhone.
All was working fine until the daylight saving started. Now the synchronizer got all confused deleting new files created or updated on the iPad, etc. For now, I checked the time on all devices and the time, date and zone is all the same. I am getting around the problem by pushing updates from the iMac to the iPad and keeping my modified files in DocsToGo. But I want to fix this and have the 2 way sync again. Any suggestions?