Iterate 57: Dan Counsell and Nik Fletcher of Realmac

Iterate 53: Jared Sinclair and Jamin Guy of Riposte

Dan Counsell and Nik Fletcher of Realmac join Seth and Rene to talk about Rapid Weaver, Clear, Ember, and making software for iOS and Mac.

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Iterate 57: Dan Counsell and Nik Fletcher of Realmac


It's always tricky business when developers try to re-release an app. From a consumer standpoint, it's kind of frustrating to see this kind of thing happen. You've already purchased the iPhone version, why didn't the devs just update it and made it universal. And I'm sorry to say this but I, for one, has a similar mentality about this issue.
So it's good to hear a developers standpoint regarding this concern. One of the things that surprised me was that it took 8 months for them to complete the iPad version of their app. 8 months! I know that it's not that easy to make apps but darn, I didn't realize it can take that long. It was also a little heartbreaking when the dev said that some were saying that they're money grabbers as just from listening to them, you can tell that they really work hard and that they like developing apps.
Lastly, I agree it's terrifying to think that IAP/subscription based services will be the only strategy to be marketable in the future.

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