Daily Tip: How to jailbreak iOS 5 beta 5 via RedSn0w 0.9.8b5

If you're currently running iOS 5 beta 5 but just can't live without your jailbreak, the Dev Team has already released RedSn0w beta 5. The only catch is, it's tethered, just like the previous beta versions of RedSn0w for iOS 5.

Be advices that not all jailbreak apps and tweaks have been updated to support iOS 5. If you're alright with running tethered and don't mind a few bugs here and there, follow along for a quick walkthrough.

By this point, almost anyone jailbreaking is already familiar with RedSn0w and how it works. It's no different this time.

Devices Supported

  • iPod touch 3G
  • iPod touch 4G
  • iPad 1
  • iPhone3GS
  • iPhone4 (GSM)
  • iPhone4 (CDMA)

And I can't say this enough times, if your device is not listed above, please do not attempt to jailbreak it on iOS 5!

What you need

After you have iOS 5 beta 5 installed on your device and your version of iTunes upgraded to 10.5 beta 5, follow the steps below to jailbreak.

  1. First launch RedSn0w.

  2. It should ask you to navigate to a firmware file. Simply navigate to the iOS 5 beta 5 firmware file instead of beta 2.
  3. Once you click next, RedSn0w will take a minute to do it’s thing. You should see a patching kernel message and that Redsn0w successfully recognized your firmware.

  4. Next select the options you’d like RedSn0w to perform. I typically only select Install Cydia. It’s worth noting that this is where you will perform a tethered boot if needed as well. You will just select Just boot tethered for now if you need to do this or your device reboots or dies.

  5. Redsn0w will now walk you through putting your device into DFU mode

  6. After you’re successfully in DFU mode, simply let Redsn0w do its thing and you’re done!

That's it! The process is pretty much the same as the first time around. But if you do run into problems or have questions, make sure you check out our TiPb Jailbreak Forums. We've got tons of great members more than ready and willing to help!

Tips of the day will range from beginner-level 101 to advanced-level ninjary. If you already know this tip, keep the link handy as a quick way to help a friend. If you have a tip of your own you'd like to suggest, add them to the comments or send them in to dailytips@tipb.com. (If it's especially awesome and previously unknown to us, we'll even give ya a reward...)

Allyson Kazmucha

Editor for iMore, Potter pundit, and the ninja in your iOS

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JSB says:

Does it support a carrier unlock post jailbreak?

XuneEm Prince says:

Jailbreak 4.3.5 supported iPad 2 white 3G/ WiFi?

Alexander Maxham says:

Did you read? this is for iOS 5, not iOS 4.3.5

XuneEm Prince says:

O.o sorry my eyes sucks lol, thanks for your reply :)
Jailbreak iOS 5 does support iPad 2 3G/WiFi??

Ortizchief says:

does it works for 4.2.10 verizon iphone

Alexander Maxham says:

did you read the title? its for iOS 5 beta 5. not 4.2.10

swsmpbaby985 says:

What's the point in even jailbreaking a beta version of this iOS?!

Gilbert Estes says:

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BLiNK says:

Can anyone tell me if FullScreen for Safari is now iOS 5 friendly??

Nick Br says:

did everything it asked me to but cydia has only a white icon and it crashes right after opening it (u press it u see black for a fracture of a sec. and its back to the homescreen) any ideas? thanks