Mail gets an upgrade in iOS 5

Along with notification changes, twitter integration, and tons of new APIs - the iOS mail app will get some welcome additions as well.

New features include:

  • New keyboard - you can split it up! (iPad only most likely)
  • Rich text editing (about time!)
  • Indentation control
  • Draggable addresses
  • Built in dictionary (iOS wide - tap a word and click define to bring up the dictionary - I still want to be able to add entries)
  • Search entire content of messages
  • Flag messages

Hit the jump for a few more screens! More as we hear it!

[Image via Engadget]

Allyson Kazmucha

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There are 13 comments. Add yours.

Charlie says:

Flag for follow-up, eh? That's one of the few things holding me to my BlackBerry...

mbpre says:

They didn't say anything about conversation view like they did for Lion. Think we'll see it in iOS 5?

Molo says:

It is alrady in iOS.

mbpre says:

The current conversation view only shows the received emails. Is there a way for it to show the emails I send as well (like in gmail), or am I missing something?

pat says:

I use imap with Gmail, and therefore can use the threaded view when looking at the "all mail" folder to see sent and received messages together. If your mail server doesn't have a folder that shows both inbox and sent messages together, then this wouldn't work for you.

mbpre says:

Thanks pat. When I go into the All Mail folder, it does show the entire conversation. Unfortunately, I sync multiple email accounts with my iphone, so it makes more sense for me to use the All Inboxes folder, which only shows received mail in conversation view. Oh well.

India says:

I want to be able to already add an attachment from within the mail app not having to go to the app itself.

Peter Johnson says:

That one is probably TOO much of a change in philosophy for Apple.

Daniel says:

What is their philosophy? Do they not want attaching this that and everything,is that what you mean??

sfwrtr says:

It wasn't mentioned, but I so much hope that POP accounts (at least) get header filtering and folders. I work account is POP only and 80% of the content is spam. Desktop clients like Thunderbird read my company's mail server inserted headers and remove all but one or two spams a day (out of over 100 actually received in my case).
Please, Apple, please!!!

Paul O'Rama says:

Still no group email functionality?? WTF!! This is turning into another cut and paste debacle.

Cmdornan says:

How about adding attachments through emails rather than sending the email by clicking the attachment first. All other smartphones do it.

DieSchwaben says:

Would love to see mail account specific auto sig.