NAVIGON MobileNavigator goes iOS 4

NAVIGON MobileNavigator for iOS 4

NAVIGON dropped us a note to let us know that new, feature-filled, iOS 4-friendly version of MobileNavigator they previewed for us back at WWDC 2010 has hit the App Store and is available now. It includes:

  • Live Weather
  • Clever Parking
  • Destination Information Display
  • iOS 4 integration (including multitasking)
  • Enhanced Retina display buttons and icons for the iPhone 4
  • Latest NAVTEQ Maps
  • Pedestrian Mode Voice Guidance
  • Enhanced Reality View™ Pro and display of street names in the map view

What's more, NAVIGON is offering limited time, promotional pricing to help ease new users into the new version -- $49.99 for MobileNavigator North America and $17.99 for MobileNavigator US MyRegion is available for $17.99 (additional regional map can be accessed as an In App Purchase for $12.99).

[iTunes link]

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Reader comments

NAVIGON MobileNavigator goes iOS 4


This sucks. I got the TomTom app last week because it was $30 cheaper and I needed a GPS app for a trip I was taking. The TomTom app doesn't even work that well for me so now I kinda feel like it was a waste. Reported my problems with the TomTom app to Apple but after I sent it it told me to contact the developer and that they couldn't do anything about it. Any ideas for what I can do?

No thanks on Motion-X’s GPS Drive...
I used it for the free period and figured I could use it after that as a turn by turn app but without voice - no go. After the free trial you have to take your eyes off the road to click a button for each turn. Too dangerous and I missed many turns.
Navigon MyRegion is a REALLY nice app and is affordable - and no recurring fees!
No way I would use anything else.

PeterM11. Go online and fill out a complaint on the TomTom in iTunes, iTunes will refund your money (no questions asked) if it legitimately isn't working, then buy Navigon. This update is AWESOME!

Personally, I like TomTom better than Navigon. I have both installed and have been comparing them for some time. I dunno... Its like the TomTom one is a bit "lighter" than the Navigon app. By that I mean its faster to load and simpler to navigate through the menus; especially in a moving vehicle. (Not that I do that ;P) This update makes it look much nicer. I'm still comparing. I've been kinda on the fence on this for a while, but I'm still leaning TomTom.

Maybe a gig. I'm downloading it now on my iPhone 4. It's been downloading for about an hour, and it's only halfway finished.

I am using motion x right now and my major gripe is that it makes my 3GS run really, really hot because it has to constantly access data from Bing Maps.

I have Navigon and love it. It wasn't as fast on my 3G but on the iPhone 4, it's beautiful, like I knew it could be. We got it before the "regions" were available, and I still think the $90 we paid was worth it. Excellent handling of iTunes while on the road, too.

Navigon is definitly the best one!!! I also bought it before regions came out and paid $90.... Well worth the money!!! Its a little slow on my older 3g, but still works great none the less. Cant wait till I get ip4... Probably will be much quicker!!!

I too bought the US+Canada version for around $90. Love that it works flawlessly in the background at the same time Pandora is in the background playing music.

@Kdm4lyf You must have a pretty slow connection. Do yourself a favor and download it in iTunes and then sync it over.

I just got the update today (I had to wait about 34 hours to get it, because I was out of town), and I already love it all over again. I'm glad they fixed the panorama view... and all of the additional features ARE AWESOME!!! they seem small and insignificant, but they've already come in handy; and I've only used the app twice since the update!! I'm excited, that's all I can say.

This app is better than ANY stand alone GPS I have ever seen, and I have had several systems. The IOS 4 additions are just extras that keep it on top.

Its fascinating how this supposed "important" app is so limited to so few countries. How about an option for those of us who don't live in the "chosen few"?

Nickf227- Yes, there are people who are ok with paying for a quality app. I know there are free ones out there, but for me they lack required features/functionality. I you've ever used Navigon, you can see that a lot of time, thought, and effort went into its development. That should be rewarded. It's immature to expect high quality apps for free, and even more immature to make comments that don't add to the conversation followed by "lololololololol" If you're using cracked/pirated apps, go crawl back under your rock and think about why you think stealing is ok. If you're using a free app that you love, why not tell us about it, and add to the conversation?

Is anyone else experiencing this type of situation:
I was about 30 miles from home and decided to let it "Take Me Home" with the latest update. It presented three routes and I just selected one as they were all about the same distance - 50 miles for some reason. I knew this couldn't be correct so I just started driving the route that I felt it should have taken me. For about five miles it was telling me to turn around and go in the opposite direction that I needed to go (north rather than south). I looked more closely at the route it wanted me to take and it was completely out of the way - 20 miles out of the way. It finally rerouted to the route that it should have taken and it knocked the 20 miles and 20 minutes off the route time.
While on the same drive home I changed the destination by cancelling and picking a stop from the recents folder. I was on a highway that took me to within a quarter mile of the destination with only a left turn right before the end of the route. It told me to get off the highway and go to the right (again opposite direction of required route) and take a side road.
Another time it tried to take me in the opposite direction of my destination until I was there. It's a good thing I've been trying this with places I know rather than letting it get me lost. Before this update there were only minor issues with directions. I might uninstall from my phone and do a clean install.

@19- I interpret your comment as a dig at iPhone in general compared to Android where with 2.2 you get free Google Maps Navigation. That's a nice feature but not enough to get me to switch platforms. For me what makes a dedicated GPS app worth paying for is the maps. Navigon works fine even with Cellular Data off (i.e. will work great for me in Canada with no data roaming charges) or when you're in an area with poor or no coverage ('bout the same thing as having Cellular data turned off).
Bought this at the full price ($90) and it's been worth it. The MyRegion versions at $18 are an excellent value.

Do you have a new iPhone 4 in your TomTom car kit? I wasn't sure how it fit with the car kit since that was designed for 3GS. If you do have the iPhone 4 in it, case or no case? Thanks.

Is this update supposed to give turn by turn directions when minimized? It doesn't seem to be working on my iPhone 4??

Does this work without cell service? I love the fact that you can download regions. There are times where I am going to be in rural parts of the country without cell service. If so then its a go, otherwise I am going to buy TomTom.

I get no background voice guidance with this update on my iPhone 4. And when I go back to the app the voice is entirely gone. I must delete the app in the multitasking screen and reload the app to get the voice back. Anyone else experiencing this problem?

Mike I have the exact same problem and wrote NAVIGON for an answer. It doesn't seem right so I may try reloading the whole iOS. I have tried everything else already I can think of.

Well post your results. Glad I'm not the only one. I did try deleting the app and reloading it from itunes then re-downloading the in-app purchases, but still having the same problem.

Its a 369MB ap, so don't expect to install it on you way out the door on a roadtrip (as I just did...)

Navigon said to do a restore from backup, which I did, but I'm still having the same problem.