NAVIGON shows off iOS 4 multitasking for iPhone turn-by-turn navigation

NAVIGON MobileNavigator iOS 4 multitasking

A double dose of NAVIGON today as they've put out a video showing off MobileNavigator on iOS 4 making use of background location. Fast app switching, saved state, and the Location API for taking a call while still receiving navigation directions are all on display.

We've got an exclusive video interview with MobileNavigator for iPhone product manager Bern Hahn taken during WWDC 2010 for your viewing pleasure. He tells TiPb what he thinks of Apple's iOS 4 multitasking, the iPad, and of course, iPhone 4.

Video action after the break.

Multitasking with NAVIGON MobileNavigator iPhone and iOS 4

YouTube link

NAVIGON talks MobileNavigator, iOS 4, iPad, and iPhone 4 at WWDC 2010

YouTube link

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Reader comments

NAVIGON shows off iOS 4 multitasking for iPhone turn-by-turn navigation


First !!!!!!!!
Ooopsss wait a minute : Matt 20:16 :(
Great new feature. But I'll still use my MIO GPS standalone Nav for now.
The video has a bathroom background :)

This is horrible, why would I want to drive and listen to two people talk at the same time?

A better solution is to enable full view of the map while the phone is in the background without voice directions. There has to be a better way, this just seems lazy.

Personally, I dont care to hear 2 people talking at the same time. Although, I usually don't answer the phone when I need to be paying attention to my navigation anyways. I'd appreciate more to hear the voice directions in the background while say I leave navigon to go check email or write a text to someone. Hope it does that too.

It appears to me that the multitasking puts the nav app in freeze mode while he takes the call. Notice how the locator arrow jumps to his new location when it returns to Navigon after the call.

For the people saying they don't want to hear two people talking at once. I understand your comments, and for short trips completely agree, but consider very long drives. Your phone is plugged in running Navigon and since you're going 50+ miles on the highway between turns it isn't saying much. Now say you get a phone call right before you actually do need to make a turn. It's nice to have somebody warn you and would suck to miss the turn just because you got a call. I LOVED this using Backgrounder and Navigon before. It'll be nice to not have it making my device 400 degrees by keeping the full app backgrounded for long trips.

Forgot a comment: what I'm most curious about is how the app handles updating directions if it's backgrounded. Say you make a wrong turn, does it not calculate a new route until you open the app back up?

Maybe I missed something, but currently, if I get a call while using navigon, I go to the home screen and relaunch the app while I'm still on the call. The routing picks right up, but you do get 2 ppl talking to you at once. I think the improvement will be that the app doesn't completely shut down, and bringing up the "saved " state is quicker.

Navigon always could run in the FOREGROUND with the call in the background. Even now.
If a call comes in, answer the call, press home, touch the navigon app icon and navigation continues, with the call on speakerphone. When the call ends the music restarts.
The big problem right now is that the music is only iTunes not News1130 or AM730 (both avaible with apps). With iOS4 I hope the music can be streaming radio instead. Streaming radio doesn't cut out in the tunnels.

take out all periods cept where they belong
iphone 4.0 on 3gs....ur welcolme!!!!

WTF?! It seriously only keeps track of your GPS? It doesn't keep you in location? That is annoying... I thought that it would show exactly where you are after the call not have to jump you to the new spot. This means if I am using Google maps on my iPhone and I don't have full data it will lose my cached maps... I am all for these new multi-tasking features I have waited 3 years but that really annoys me...

I would love to see a tweak for JB phones that would route the call to my BT headset and leave the audio directions on the phone's speaker.
I agree with those that have already posted, background the call and open the nav app again, seems like a no-brainer to me, even without JBing.

take out all periods cept where they belong
iphone 4.0 on 3gs….ur welcolme!!!

I have recently install Navigon for Europe, but unfortunately it is working well, It starts well but when reached to the point where navigation is supposed to be started it shuts off. Can anyone help in this regard.

sorry for some missing words.
installed instead of install. word "Not" is missed out after it is