New Year iOS and Mac app sales - start 2014 right!

Should old acquaintance be forgot, yadda yadda yadda… Which apps are on sale? It’s New Year’s and the iOS and Mac App Stores are seeing price cuts all over the place. Why, we haven’t seen savings like this since a whole week ago. If you missed the Christmas sales boat, now’s your chance to make amends.

Happy New Year’s everyone, and if you spot any good deals, leave a comment!

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iOS games

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Mac Games

More great app and game sales?

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sweetstyle says:

You missed out the best Calendar App Calendars5 sale price $2.99

asuperstarr says:

1Password, Fantastical, and Day One all must haves.

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jayzero76 says:

1password? don't know if keychain doesn't take care of those things?

IMF says:

Pocket Informant is also on awesome calendar app!!!

zdn1042 says:

Rayman Jungle Run! 'Nuff said.

WPSteve says:

Them Final Fantasy savings!

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ProWingz89 says:

Got FF IV and FF V both for 50% off! Kinda like a buy one get one free type of deal.

yashendra2797 says:

Two things. First, Kayak Pro is not free. (At least not on my iPad) Second, Rayman Jungle Run is today's gift as part of Apple's 12 Days of Christmas Promotion.
Happy new year!

oscaramzz says:

I just got Kayak pro free on my ipad and iPhone. Not sure where you went wrong.

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szantog says:

DJ Player (iOS): iap update $19.99->$9.99

NatachaMLee says:

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Deepak Katoch1 says:

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