NFL Pro 2014 now available

NFL Pro 2014 now available

NFL Pro 2014 is now available, letting people play as their favorite NFL teams in the 2014 NFL season. You can now go through the 2014 NFL season and the Super Bowl, playing both exhibition and season matches along the way. You can control various members of your team, and level them up, devoting the points each player earns to bettering their skills.

There are other new features in NFL Pro 2014, including enhanced graphics and social competition. Share your achievements with your friends and compete for the top spot on the Facebook Leaderboards. Additionally, there are now 200 plays that you can choose from, learn, and edit through Play managment. As in past years, NFL Pro 2014 has in-app purchases for credits and experience that you can use to better your team faster. NFL Pro 2014 is a free, universal download for iPhone and iPad.

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iphone22 says:

Free is always good. Got to try this, thanks!

m_thoroughbred says:

Not good. This freemium crap.

mvpilot172 says:

Way too many ads, 60% ad / 40% gaming.