You can't be at home on the couch for every game, but technology has given us a way to stay connected to all of our favorite teams no matter where we are. Download a great sports app and stay up to date on scores, news, and highlights. Here are the best of the bunch.


theScore is the sports app. It's simply the best. You can follow tons of professional leagues (even including NASCAR) and receive updates on scores and news from any and all teams you'd like to follow.

You can even follow individual players, and you can customize alerts so that you only get pinged for what you want to know. theScore has a great-looking interface and setup is simple — just pick your leagues, pick your teams, and away you go.

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One of the App Store's "Essentials", ESPN is likely the first name that comes to mind when you think of sports. If it's mainstream sports you're into, then ESPN is the perfect app for you. Receive highlights, follow teams, view scores, and much more. You can set up your own favorites feed so that only the news you care about are what you see.

The iMessage integration lets you share scores with friends and watch video highlights right in your conversation. You also get live streaming access to national and regional ESPN radio stations and podcasts, including live play-by-play. Stay in on the action and check out the ESPN app.

CBS Sports

CBS Sports is great for folks who only want to check out MLB, NBA, NHL, NFL, MLS, and NCAA sports. It sticks to the main leagues and leaves the smaller stuff out, so you only get what you want. You get tweet and push notifications for scores and game starts and you can tailor everything to your favorite teams.

Certain cable subscribers can watch CBS Sports Network live at any time and support for more cable providers is on the way. You can also listen to CBS Sports Radio to keep up to date on everything going on with your favorite teams.

Bleacher Report

If you prefer something with a bit more of a modern interface, then check out the Bleacher Report. Rather than providing its own coverage, the Bleacher Report curates all the best sources on the web so that you get all the news you can about your favorite teams and players.

You can open a stream to get scores, stories, videos, and photos from local and national newspapers, blogs, Twitter, and more. You can also share news via Facebook, Twitter, email, and text. You can also prioritize your alerts so that you read about the teams that are most important to you first.


Like hockey? Done deal. The NHL app is your source for everything related to the NHL. Scores, highlights, news, the whole shebang. You can tailor alerts, follow your favorite teams and players, and more. It used to be that each team had its own app, and that was awesome, and then the NHL, in its infinite wisdom, consolidated everything into one. It sucked when it happened, but the NHL app is a decent enough substitute.

You can pay $20 a year to get premium access, which gives you 2 minutes of action in every regulation period live, and you get to watch all in-game highlights. Like all the other sports apps, you can curate everything based on your favorite teams, including alerts and updates.

Fox Sports GO

Fox Sports GO is for all Fox Sports subscribers who want to take every game with them on the road. You can watch live coverage of all the major sports from wherever you happen to be, and you can stream the Ultimate Fighter, UFC Tonight, NASCAR Race Hub, and other great sports shows.

You will need to receive certain channels in your cable subscription in order to view everything, but if you're a diehard sports fan, you probably have them all anyway! You can also check out Fox Sports GO on the web, other tablets, and other connected devices besides phones.

NBC Sports

Like CBS Sports, NBC Sports is another great source of all your sports news. With a TV subscription, you can stream life events, including Sunday Night Football, the NHL regular season and Stanley Cup Playoffs, Formula 1, Indy Car racing, and more. You can also stream regional content from certain teams.

When it comes time to check out the Olympics, NBC Sports is the perfect way to keep up everything going on and to watch live events in real time. NBC Sports also fully supports AirPlay, so you can watch everything on your Apple TV or other AirPlay-compatible monitors.

  • Free, TV subscription required for streaming - Download now

Yahoo Sports

Yahoo Sports is another great curator of sports content from all over the internet and if you're a soccer fan, you'll especially enjoy all the in-depth coverage that Yahoo Sports has to offer, which includes much more than just MLS and UEFA coverage.

If you sign in with your Yahoo account, you can synchronize your settings across all devices so that you get the same experience no matter what. The best part of this app is that you can watch hundreds of live MLB and NHL game for FREE, no subscription required.


For everything NFL-related, straight from the horse's mouth, there's no better app than the official NFL app. You can follow all your favorite teams and players, and Verizon customers get special access to exclusive live content, which includes regular season games, playoffs, the Pro Bowl, Super Bowl, and the NFL Network.

Even if you're not a Verizon customer, you still get access to up-to-the-minute news, stats, and trending topics, with full access to all 32 teams. If you're an NFL fan and want to keep up on all the happenings throughout the league, then this is your app. At Bat

America's Natonal Pastime has its own app in the form of At Bat. You can keep up on everything baseball, with news from each team, scores, and updates on all your favorite players. If you want to fully embrace Major League Baseball on your iPhone or iPad, you can, with MLB Club-branded app icons for your Home screen.

You can check out every detail, including stats and game day lineups, and for a yearly subscription fee of $19.99 (or $2.99/month if you'd rather go that route), you'll be able to check out live games (free if your subscribe to MLB.TV). With a premium subscription, you'll also be able to check out pitch-by-pitch features, which include realistic ballpark renderings. You can also sort batting, pitching, and fielding statistics and check out archive footage from classic games.

If you're ALL about baseball, you'll want At Bat.

How 'bout you, sports fan?

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