With the PS4 companion app for iOS, buy a new game and have it waiting for you at home

Back in February we first heard about Sony's plans for a companion app for iOS to their new PlayStation 4 console. Part of the functionality will be a mobile store – sort of like the one Steam already offers – where you will be able to purchase new PS4 titles on the go. Now it seems that it goes a little further than that. Sony’s President of Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida (via BGR):

"When you buy a PS4 game on smartphone, it will wake your PS4 up to start downloading the game. PS4 goes back to sleep after that"

The statement was made on Twitter in response to a question about how the new system will work. If this is how it's going to pan out though, that's a pretty fantastic feature to have. It's also a great sign of the times we live in, and just how much our smartphones are becoming more and more the go-to tool for almost anything.

I'm all for replacing disks with digital downloads, and I'm pretty sure I'll be putting this to work if/when I end up getting a PS4. How about you?

Source: BGR

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With the PS4 companion app for iOS, buy a new game and have it waiting for you at home


If I get one (more likely to get Xbox One) this would be used constantly by me. A nice option but not enough to sway me to a console.

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Microsoft will definitely add more features to xbox smartglass app for XB1 launch as they are always better in software when compared to sony, anyways i like xbox controller and everyone i know is on xbox live whereas PSN is a ghost town atleast in my circle, so it doesn't matter if PS4 has some advantages like lower price.

Ps4 is always going to beat xbox,xbox is lame so stop with the crap about Xbox is this xbox is that just because you or your friends don't have a ps4 doesn't mean PSN is a ghost town , you just proved how simple and narrow minded you are I should give yourself a pat on the back

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Did i hurt your feelings PSfanboy? It is a fact that PSN is a ghost town and much inferior to xbox live, BTW thanks for calling me simple minded, hope you grow out of your vitroil filled narrow mindedness sooner rather than later :)

Now you did it Rich. It's bad enough with the Apple/Android battle we constantly have here, you just dragged in the PS/XBOX detriments in. LOL

I have pre-ordered the PS4 already at Best Buy, so it will be waiting for me once it launches in November. :D

i dont think anyone really did answer this question. let me be the first. absolutely yes! technology is moving faster everyday. those those over 50, do you remember when they said computers was going to become a part of our lives and that we would use it on a constant basis and you said "what an idiot" look at us now. now we depend on computer. just like computers i have a good feeling that digital is our next big thing. i have used the digital service for ps3 games and i love it. i love how i can switch from playing the amazing spiderman to call of duty black ops with just a press of a few buttons. i love how i don't need to find new space in my shelve to set my game cover at just so it can collect dust and i love how i don't need to worry that i might damage the disc, loose the disc or someone stealing it and finally i love how i cant be tempted in trading my game for one of Gamestop not-so-amazing deals. after all i said i must add that there are disadvantage for digital such as if i don't like the game then i am stuck with it, or the memory space on my system is not big enough and also how the price don't seem to keep up with Gamestop or amazon used prices but just think what would happen if sony change that. for example you have 3 day's guarantee and you could return it if you don't like it or if sony has a buyback or trade in program and best of all what if sony did kept up with the price change from amazon or Gamestop? if these changes were made then i see digital being a great tool. only time will tell and to conclude with my statement, to keep true to sony fans all over the world i would like to add "Suck it, Xbox".