Quick App Updates: Facebook 3.02, QuickOffice 1.4, i.TV 2.0


Facebook 3.02, i.TV 2.0, and QuickOffice 1.4 -- among many others, no doubt -- have just hit the App Store, and what do they bring to the iPhone this time around?

  • Facebook 3.02 [Free - iTunes link] contains the obligatory bug fixes as well as VoiceOver support. Very nice!

  • QuickOffice 1.4 [$14.99 - iTunes link] now provides support for creating and editing Microsoft Office 2007 Word and Excel files (DOCX and XLSX)

  • i.TV 2.0 [Free - iTunes link] offers a slew of new features, including remote control frameworks, push notification, and more.

If you update, let us know what you think!

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Quick App Updates: Facebook 3.02, QuickOffice 1.4, i.TV 2.0


i.TV has a great update, nice improvements to the UI, and push notifications is a nice addition, Facebook, great as always, but I have a problem with the main menu screen, random black bar at the bottom =s.

Oh, no... not another unusually-quick approval of Facebook... A LOT of developers must be even more furious now...

I got the same problem that mashono mention with Facebook. My homepage is out of frame. I restarted and nothing.
If anyone figure this out please let me know.

I have to say the i.TV update is SwEEt for TiVo users. I love how TiVo functions are built right into the UI. I am hoping for the next update to somehow incorporate Facebook & Twitter sharing... Apple it's been 4 wks where is my Minigore update!!!! :(

Posted on Superb! Generally I never read whole acrlties but the way you wrote this information is simply amazing and this kept my interest in reading and I enjoyed it.

I downloaded mine into iTunes and they plugged in to sync, mines perfect. And yes, whats voice over support?

VoiceOver is a feature found on the 3gs where the phone speaks everything you touch- a great tool for those hard of reading

I just don't get Apple. Mountain Sheep has submitted their update (Episode 2) to Minigore 4 wks ago. How in the world does Facebook get two updates in the matter of 2 days!!! Please someone explain this...

"Is that the new euphemism for blind?"
was trying to be 'politically' correct.
I wanted to say the effing sight impaired... But again... Didn't want to 'offend' any real real old people with the possible names of Eunice, Agitha or Renee!!!

Actually the VoiceOver accessibility feature is not made for the hard of reading. It is made for people who can't see very well or blind. I tried turning on that accessibility feature and can actually use the iPhone with my eyes closed. Problem is you can't tap on things you just swipe to go one section down where it reads it. So turning it off was a pain. Lol.

was trying to be ‘politically’ correct.

No, you were borrowing Elaine's phrase "hard of smelling" from Seinfeld.

all these updates are really cool, but is it just me or is anyone else wondering when Beejive is guna release an update with group chats?! It's been "coming soon" for a LOONNG TIME!!! I

is anyone having problems with the facebook update?
i did the update and now when i am on the home screen with all the different links for inbonx, profile...etc the whole screen is shifted up about half an inch, and there is a big black bar at the bottom?? ahhh

I had the same problem with the FB app. I deleted it and then installed it over again on the iphone itself. No problems now.

Dudes I am hard of smelling. It's a serious thing, seriously LOL...I can't even smell it when my niece poops in her diaper.. It's weird how little I can smell.

I'm not sure if it's me but it looks like the site's louayt is a little half off the page. it might be my computer though. anyway awesome website. cheers Omar Yasseen

Two bugs I found in Facebook 3.0 still exist I have tweeted them to Joe, emailed them to Joe and Facebook Message them to Joe, he has not replied me or even fixed them in 3.1 or 3.2. You can not like pictures in your own album in landscape mode, you loose a button but in potrait you can and in chat you do not see all your friends that are online, its a shortened list than whats on the web. Someone who knows Joe Hewitt should tell him personally and maybe he will listen cause I'm sick of it.

@Damien, I can like my own pictures in landscape mode. No buttons lost for me. And, I have almost 1000 friends and my chat list is not shortened.

In Addition:
Skype Updated Sept 4th.
STILL no Push!!! (Why does everyone else do Skype better than Skype?)
They now have a stay on line after phone locked, so you can open skype, then Sleep the phone and it will stay on line. But you have to either Jailbreak or Leave skype running in the foreground when you sleep the phone.
Mark Andresson just bought a controlling interest in Skype. Hopefully he can beat them about the head and shoulders till they get it right.

My FB app keeps shutting off for no reason. Not only that, but it won't store my password and forces me to log in over and over. I've reinstalled once already.

Posted on Thanks for a nice share you have given to us with such an large ccioeotlln of information. Great work you have done by sharing them to all. Simply superb.