redsn0w iOS 4.2.1 untethered Jailbreak "backup plan" looking for testers

With Comex not able to finish his planned iOS 4.2.1 untethered Jailbreak in time for Christmas, MuscleNerd and the iPhone Dev-Team are pushing ahead with a redsn0w "backup plan" and are looking for a few good, qualified testers.

To keep things manageable, this will be a Mac-only test program. We also request that any volunteers NOT need the ultrasn0w unlock (in case things go very wrong).

Right now, the “backup plan” requires that you have the 4.2b3 IPSW on your Mac, and that Cydia has your 4.2b3 SHSH hashes. Please don’t pirate that 4.2b3 IPSW! (We’re also working on a way that this technique might apply to all those with 4.1 IPSWs, but that’s not the first goal right now.)

If they're talking to you, follow @redsn0w_testers on Twitter for more information, and send them feedback via the link below. Meanwhile, let us know how it works for you!

(If you're not sure what any of this means, check out our Jailbreak starters guide first!)

[iPhone Dev-Team]

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redsn0w iOS 4.2.1 untethered Jailbreak "backup plan" looking for testers


Seems like a lot of work to jailbreak a device from a hacking perspective. I don't oppose it at all, but if these people are that good at cracking code, they shouldn't need to mix a certain ispw with a certain firmware from iOS version xxx. Just take the latest firmware with the latest iOS release and make it untethered.

@ghostface. U seem to know what ur talkn about (not). Why dont u go ahead and test it out? Oh. U cant u say? Lol. Unless ur a programmer (which im not and correct me if u are, but i doubt u are with that comment) then u really have no idea what ur talking about.

@Ghostface147 - "Just take the latest firmware with the latest iOS release and make it untethered." ?!?!?!?
I agree, the hack only really requires 1 line of code.
I mean it's so simple that I can't believe someone else hasn't thought of it earlier.

Calm down people. I guess the hackers just aren't good enough to break the latest and greatest without mixing and matching different packages or firmware. And no I can't test this beta hack because I actually use my phone to work, not play and test.

I smell an Android in my future. I am sick and tired of all these cat and mouse games with apple. Steve Jobs and company are a bunch of dirt bags. They make a great phone and then cripple it. It's like a Mercedes without wheels. I understand that they want to contol things, but to bend over backwards just to block the minority of people that want freedom is insane.

@Ghostface it's not that the developers aren't that good, Apple makes it very difficult because they don't want users to jailbreak. I'm more than certain that they COULD crack with all the latest but seeing as how jailbreakers are an impatient bunch (myself included) they're dealing with the bits and pieces they already have an idea with what to do with them.
That being said, remember to keep it civilized in the comments folks!

Never mind that last part, well not never mind but i definitely thought I was on one of my own sites for some reason lol

@George: I don't think Apple cares much about Jailbreak. They're probably contractually bound to AT&T to stop unlock, and developers are legitimately upset about the small minority that use Jailbreak to steal apps, but as to Jailbreak itself -- I think it gives them a free, unofficial "expert" mode to attract more users without having to run support for them.
However, Jailbreak uses security exploits that Apple has to patch because, you know, they're security exploits and bad guys could use them for reasons that are actually malicious.
I'm Jailbroken right now, tethered via redsn0w, and I'd love an untethered version but I appreciate the work the hacker community does, and I'll wait patiently and supportive until I get it.

OK firmware, ipsw, operation system aka iOS is all the same thing so you can't take the latest firmware with the latest iOS they are the same. The thing people seem to forget when they say they aren't good enough is they have been around since the iPhone launched in 2007. So they have been around for almost 4 years now and have put out countless tools, countless JB for countless amounts of firmware. They are trying to provide something to a community that is hungry for the JB right now! So what they ask for a little help sheesh the tools are freakin free and unlock so much of the phone's potential. Also like Rene said Apple is a company and in the US currently AT&T is the only carrier so Apple is probably somehow obligated to protect that by eliminating the possibility of JB and Unlock. Also if Apple wasn't against JBing there would be people who don't know how what they are doing and walk into an Apple Store with an iPhone holding Apple accountable.

@Rene I'm glad I'm not the only TiPb writer to be on the tethered JB!!! I followed them on Twitter and I hope to give this a shot.

@ Rene You're the man. Thank you for doing what you do. @ bob You are wasting your time and our's by posting here.

@Rene I understand what you are saying but why only with the iPhone. When I had an htc tilt, I called AT&T and they GAVE me the unlock code. No hacks at all.

@Rene keep it up please, and don't listen to jerks like bob he is probably some 10 year old sitting in his mommys closet mad at the world because he didn't get his latest toy. All of us that have been following you and your team appreciate all the personal time you put forth to educate and help us with tips and commentary it is greatly appreciated. If it was not for people like you most of us wouldn't know half of the capabilities of our devices
@bob go bother some one else with crappy posts like that. If your in the US may I suggest a letter to pres Obama, I'm sure he and his "friends" would show you plenty of attention.

I personally won't be a beta tester, no way. haha I'll do like Rene said, "wait patiently". But that is so true. I think that users should be a bit more appreciative of the jailbreak community and what they do. They put in a lot of hard work that is pretty much taken for granted. I for one will always jailbreak because I love having control over ... "my property". If I get a Benz, and want to put a BMW logo on it, I can do that, why? Because it's my car. I feel the same way about my phone. :-) Plus, jailbreaking has become so common to me, I don't even notice that it's really "not what apple wants." As soon as a new version of iOS comes out, apart from looking at the features. The next thing that I do is check the eta for when the jailbreak comes out. ha

@george because the htc doesnt have an exclusivity agremeent... Any device with an exclusivity u cant get unlock code... Any order if the contract has expired and u can prove that u buy it u can get unlock code...

Kinda scary that it's proving to be this difficult. It I can't jailbreak I'm probably headed to android.

I agree with Rusty. It sounds like Apple is trying to make it harder and harder to jailbreak. If Apple is listening, there are a lot that will move to Android (including me!)

Guys its not that easy to Jailbreak and untethered is harder than you think everytime apple make new firmware new code new everything and to figure out one of the greatest phone makers code to hack into it is hard and all of cydia apps have to be fixed to work on 4.2.1 or whatever new version so just shut you mouth people.