Rip Curl's new Search GPS is a smartwatch for surfers

Anastasia Ashley with the Rip Curl Search GPS smartwatch for surfers

Fitness wearables are a dime a dozen at this point, and here comes another one geared toward wave-seekers. Rip Curl has announced the SearchGPS surf watch. It’ll record your top speed and how far you’ve ridden, number of waves, and just how gnarly you truly are. (That last one’s a feature we suggest they add, anyway.)

It looks a tad clunky, but function trumps form for this one. And you’ll be able to sync each session back to the Rip Curl Search App on your iPhone or to its website.

SearchGPS isn’t yet available, but you can sign up to be notified.

Source: Rip Curl; via Uncrate, Engadget

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Rip Curl's new Search GPS is a smartwatch for surfers


So, who's that babe in the pic? :-O

Yep… I went there.

Admit it, you were thinkin' the same thing.

This is actually a pretty cool idea. iMore just decided to show a pic of the babe, which is fine by me. But, if you clicked the Uncrate link they had a screen shot of the accompanying iPhone app. I can picture this being very useful information. Think of it from a social aspect. If you are mountain biking or skiiing, it's not to hard to figure out where the trails are. You just follow the path. But surfing? It's the ocean man, where exactly is the best break? Well that screen shot actually shows the GPS track of exactly where you road which waves. If this were to be shared with other Rip Curl users, you could have a great database of surfable wave locations. Are you new to the area? Just stopping by for the weekend? Where are the best waves? Now you would know! But ya, the babe is cute.