Snapchat updated with text chat and video calling

Self-destructing photo-sharer Snapchat has been updated today with a couple of major new features. Previously you'd have to take a photo if you wanted to send any kind of message through the service — now text chat is accessible by swiping right from the main camera view, then swiping again on the person you want to chat with. As you might expect, message history is wiped when you swipe away from the conversation, though you can choose to save individual messages for later if they're important. But text chat is only part of the new Snapchat.

When both you and the person you're chatting with have the conversation open, you'll see a blue notification button which you can use to launch instantly into a video call using either the front or rear camera. Naturally, videos are just as ephemeral as everything else Snapchat does, and video streams can be either one-way or two-way. Both features represent a significant expansion of the apps' feature set, while maintaining the ephemeral nature of the Snapchat messages.

You'll find a quick demo of the new features in Snapchat's (non-self-destructing) teaser video, above. Updates to the new version are rolling out from today on iOS and Android.

Source: Snapchat

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Reader comments

Snapchat updated with text chat and video calling


I have an iPhone - but I think this update is also available for android (and already on the Play store).

Snapchat videochat feature uses a technology called WebRTC, which the iPhone 4 CPU can't handle... WebRTC is very resource-intensive for mobile devices... that's why they didn't enable it

I'm not 100% sure, but I think it's an update within the app, without an update to the AppStore binaries. At least in my snapchat it said to "double tap to update", but I didn't do it yet since I'm not really sure I like those new features... :/

well I wanted the new features so I double tapped! :p All it does is open up iTunes Store (not the app store) and it shows the old version!

I think if you changed the App Store to the New Zealand store the update might be on there because all the new things like BBM came on to the New Zealand first. Also does anyone know wether the update is available for iPod 4th gen?

this is exactly whats going on with my iphone 5c .
it says double tap to update and nothing even happens just goes to the app store.
someone help me i want the update !(:

I have seen this within apps to allow Verizon FiOS log-in or in Temple Run 2 where the coins returned to their normal design.

That happened to me too and my fire d told me to update my phone like I have an iphone si I updated the Ios 7 and when the update ended amd I opened snapchat it was already updated. But my video chat doesn't work though, my button never turns blue :(

Currently, no iPhone/iOS users can get it yet. So I'd say just wait until your App Store informs you that you've got a Snapchat update waiting. Mine automatically updates so I'll be set as soon its available. have a great day :)

I'm in Australia and I have an iPad 2 and an iPod 4th generation and can't get the update???? Anyone else with those devises have it? Please comment!

I'm also in Oz and I got the update for my iPhone 5 2 days ago through the App Store.
One flaw with the update is that you can not clear the history like the old program did

The update is not available for iOS users yet. It's currently Android only which sucks but Snapchat has always been more favorable towards Android so its really no surprise. Can't wait until we can get it though. :)

I Double tapped the update button and it brought me to the App Store that says open

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I thought it was just me, I double tap an then it sends me to the App Store. No update haha. Maybe it'll change by tomorrow but it's still annoying, somebody's getting

iPhone people, the download JUST showed up on my app store. I also wasn't being able to get it but it's working now.

I have the new snapchat update, but it's not showing the blue botton, when I'm trying to video chat. I have an iPhone 4. Can someone help me out here?

i feel like only the people with a regular iphone 4 can't do the live video chat. I have no idea why though. My friends that have androids and iphone 4s and up can do it.

Ok, Is anyone have the update and is able to message, but not live video chat cuz that is my problem.

I am having the same problem, when my friends are on the chat the button will not turn blue, please help me live video chat, i have an iphone 4

How can I delete the feed. It's gone from the options. Help. I don't want people to know who I've been chatting with.

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How can I delete the feed. It's gone from the options. Help. I don't want people to know who I've been chatting with.

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you can go to the settings and delete your feed and start fresh like you were able to in the original snap chat.

I don't get a blue notfication when someone is in the chat window with me, does this new update not support video chatting for IPods?

I am starting to think not either because I have the 4th generation and I am having trouble getting the video chat to work too I'll keep trying and let you know.

The "update" is being tested by Beta users only. Snapchat failed to let everyone know, causing a whirlwind of confusion. If you join the Beta team you will receive the update, if not you have to wait.

I got te update? So did a few of my friends, the only problem with the update is the yellow button doesn't turn blue like it should /: so no video chat. Probably a bug and will be fixed soon, hopefully. The update is in the App Store. And I live in the US

Currently there is no feature to Clear Snap History in this new update, for whatever reason. I like pic and videos, but I dont really feel like the chat fits in well, I could just text them. Its no loner a silly fun social app - its turning into (or trying to) every other social app with this and that and this and that built in.
Just let us clear our history (UPDATE PLEASE) I hate being all bogged up with snaps I cant even view just a list of names with blank squares (Looks messy and POINTLESS)

Just give us our option back - why the hell remove it in the first place??

The yellow button will not turn blue for me when in the chat screen with another friend. I've had others telling me it's working for them though. Everything else seems to be working. I really would like to use the live video feature. Please fix

My button will never turn blue even when we're both on, why is this and how can I fix it ( I have an iPod 8gb and I believe it's a 3 or something)

before the update i could get into my snapchat but now i update i cant even open it and if i do get into it 5 seconds later it kick me out hekp please

How do you video chat on iPhone 4? It says the button is blue when the other person is In chat and you press that to video chat!! But it won't turn blue it's stays yellow!! How do you video chat please?!?!? Someone tell me! Please!! Thanks!

Hi... Do anyone know what's wrong here? After updating snapchat I've had a very strange problem. When you're in the camera and you're ready to take a snap, you got 4 symbols, right? Well, I don't... My camera switch button has disappeared and now I can't use my frontcamera when I'm snapping. It's an iPhone 4, and I really don't know how to fix it :-(

Are you using the yellow button in chat to take the picture? If you do that it will take the picture almost as soon as you let go of it. To rotate your camera, press and -hold- the yellow button in chat. On the bottom with be a smiley face(meaning the camera is pointed towards you) and on the top are trees(which makes te camera then point away from you).
Also, I have an iPod gen 4. and I don't have the blue button either. I think it isn't available yet and it will be in the new Snapchat update.

My problem isn't texts remaining after i swipe away - it's the opposite: as soon as I swipe right to open a new text it disappears from the screen after one second. Anyone else have this problem?

How do I clear my news feed? The new version is stupid, half of my snapchats arnt sending and they just sit in my feed and say I have one. So how can I clear it???????