Sprint has iOS 5 on their CelleBrite machines?

Seems a little premature since Apple hasn't even released a gold master (GM) seed of iOS 5 yet, but

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Sprint has iOS 5 on their CelleBrite machines?


Could be because customers come in with iOS 5 devices and are switching over to Sprint. It will say iPhone 5 when it's released (on any carrier).

This isn't news. The devices are used to transfer to and from Sprint devices so someone switching to Sprint would want to be able to have their contacts, that and the fact that most companies use the same Cellbrite means that any carriers would have that entry iPhone or not.. Nice bait post though.

Developers of all kinds have had access to the beta for months. Somebody slipped up but we already know its gonna be released soon so it would make sense that the devices made to transfer contacts to and from them would be ready.

Why would they list a bunch of hardware and then just throw one firmware in at the end? This doesn't mean anything.

i'm on sprint now so i pray the iphone 5 in at least 64gbs is coming to sprint. That said i think his point is that ios 5 in the system is not proof sprint is getting an iphone because these are systems used to transfer phone like contacts from an old phone to a new phone. So someone coming from iphone like the 2g/3g/3gs listed to a sprint phone like, say an EVO. Thus all common OS's would be in the system. They don't sell 3Gs's either yet it's in the system. i won't say it's not news but i get his point.
That said i've been conviced sprint is getting the iphone since like feb so i've been holding out this time and when it comes to the store i'll be waiting on day one.

No he means Cellebrite machines get updated with phones that will be released, yet doesnt mean the carrier will have the phone, now it shows that it will be coming, but I wonder which company will get it, Remember if all Cellebrite Machines are updated, it doesnt matter which carrier have them, like T-mobile, or even MetroPCS has those and they will all show IOS5, just thought I let you know, but anyhow that means the phone is around the corner good find

This is legit. I've got a 3GS with iOS 5 beta on it and I'm eyeing up the Galaxy S II on Sprint. They'd better be able to transfer my contacts!

Just left sprint and they told me that the iPhone has not been confirmed by apple or sprint so now I am really not holding my breath so I guess I will be switching to sprint.