Subway Surfers picks up another content update, taking the crew to Paris

Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is the popular endless runner available cross-platform. The developer has today released an update that takes the gang and players to Paris on the world tour. As well as the new location, there's a cool new sci-fi Teleporter board, enabling players to literally zap from side to side with style. Check out what else is new in this release past the break.

New outfits are available for Coco and Prince K, allowing them to board their way through Paris Metro wearing new threads. Players can also earn new awards by picking up powerups both high and low, so be on the lookout when flying through the environment. Check out Subway surfers and let us know your thoughts on this latest content update.

Rich Edmonds

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Eric Stallings says:

My daughter loves this game.

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lisasagan says:

love this game! i especially like the ranking system they added not long ago, it gives me a reason to go as far as i can when usually theres not much point.

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