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Best iPhone and iPad apps of the week: CounterSpy, Ondes, and more!

September has kicked off with quite a few great apps and awesome games for iPhone and iPad. There's a fantastic side-scrolling stealth game from Sony with some nice hooks into the console version. On the app side, we have a few things to help around the house, including the garden and the kids.

That's enough out of me, let's check out the apps.

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Steve Jobs biography officially the #1 selling book on Amazon for 2011

The official biography of Steve Jobs authored by Walter Isaacson has made its way to number one among books sales from Amazon for the entirety of 2011, despite being released late in the year.

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New to TiPb: Disqus comments, Google search, and +1

TiPb nation, we're in the process of rolling out some updates to the site that we're really excited about, including Disqus comments, Google search, and +1 buttons.

  • Disqus is commenting system that offers a lot more options than our previous, built in version. You can login with a Disqus account if you have one, but also with Facebook, Twitter, and other logins you may already have later. It also gives us better moderation controls so hopefully it will cut down on the spam... and the trolls!

  • Google search is just much better than what we had before. The old search was chronological so you got the last post about a certain term, not the best, most relevant one. It will also let you search across the blog, forum, and store (or choose to filter based on just one of those if you prefer.) Now all the Google power is yours on TiPb.

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Dear Facebook -- Please Fix Facebook 3.1.1 for iPhone and Soon

Facebook 3.1 brought the much-in-demand push notification service to the iPhone's most popular social networking app, but no good deed goes unpunished, and along with broken push, it also brought a host of problems. Now, not everyone is having the same problem, but a lot of you have told us about one or more of the following:

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iPhone: #1 Social Brand of 2008

The headline says it all, Virtue's #1 Social Brand of 2008. Steve Jobs scored huge in general, not only with the iPhone at #1 (can't get tired of typing that!) but Apple at #3 and iPod at #7 and Mac at #16. (Our best frenemies, the BlackBerry, show up at #20, along with Microsoft at #11, and Google, Nokia, and Palm... um... er... Is the list really complete?)

The Vitrue SMI calculates scores about the brand’s social conversations. We apply a series of algorithms to reflect the frequency of usage, the size of the social media environment, and the magnitude of the conversation. The result is a single numeric score for each brand: the Vitrue Social Media Index (SMI).

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