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Apple's Path to $199 (Wait-a-Thon)

So you might have heard that the iPhone 3G was going to retail for $199 from AT&T. I’ve already covered how it isn’t technically $199 for current iPhone users. And you heard Rene tell you that $199 is less than the notorious price DROP of the iPhone. Well TiPb has been wondering how Apple settled on dropping the price so dramatically.

And we settled on a story, kind of—more like a collection of reasons. We’ve analyzed the outcome back and forth, from reverse and from the beginning. And we think we have come to a conclusion (or at the very least, a conspiracy theory). In a purely speculative story, I’ll give you my opinion on how we reached $199.

Read on for Apple’s Path to $199

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iPhone 3G. Now Selling for Just $199

Read that title again, and realize that the iPhone 3G will sell for LESS than the infamous price drop given the original iPhone before the holidays. (Recap: it's started at $599 and was dropped to $399 with early adapters getting an equally infamous $100 Apple Store gift certificate Jobs-a-culpa).

And while the price drop was big news then, the retail price of $199 should be HUGE news today.

At $199, that's HALF the price of the original iPhone at its lowest. It's the SAME price as an 8GB iPod Nano. It's LESS than an iPod Classic, and MUCH LESS than an iPod Touch!

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