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Apple Releases iPhone SDK 2.2.1

As revealed by Craig Hockenberry on Twitter shortly after today's iPhone OS 2.2.1 update: developers hadn't heard a whisper of this release, no beta, not even a warning, and it wasn't compatible with the previous SDK. Nice, Apple!

It should come as some relief, then, that the iPhone SDK has now also been bumped to 2.2.1. Says Ars Technica's Erica Sadun:

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Pwnage 2.0.2 for iPhone 2.0.1 Now Live!

So it seems Apple isn't the only one who can maintain break-neck code drop schedules. The iPhoneDev Team is back already with the latest version of their pineapple-iconed Pwange tool for jailbreaking iPhone 3G and iPod Touch, and jailbreaking and unlocking the original iPhone 2G.

Version 2.0.2 for use with 2.0.1 may be a little confusing for some, so maybe a better numbering system can be worked out there, but this update also includes the beta Installer.app 4, as well as Cydia.

Want it? rev up your Pwnage's sparkle-powered Software Update (what a world we live in...) or head on over to the iPhoneDev Team site.

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PwnageTool 2.0.2 to be Released Today

This is fun. It's like a game of cat and mouse between Apple firmware and the jailbreaking community, Apple launches an update and the iPhone-dev team works feverishly to jailbreak said update. This time, they are said to be putting the finishing touches on PwnageTool 2.0.2 which will be able to jailbreak the "snappier" 2.0.1.

Excited much? Well, there still won't be Installer.app because Installer 4 isn't ready for the primetime yet but a new version of Cydia will be there so you can still get some apps. There still is a lot of catching up to do on developing jailbroken apps and it still won't unlock the iPhone 3G, but all in due time. We'll follow up with a link to PwnageTool 2.0.2 when it is released.

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iPhone 2.0.1: What's Changed, Vodafone Woes, and Watch out for Airplane Mode!

We told you when iPhone 2.0.1 dropped, we asked you how 2.0.1 was doing for you? And we warned iPwners to stay away. Turns out people running on Vodafone (in the 10 countries they currently supply) might want to consider staying away for now as well. TUAW reports on the problems:

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TiPb Faithful: How's 2.0.1 Treating You?

So it's been a day since 2.0.1 was made available and we at TiPb would like to know how it's been running on your iPhone. Did this bug-fixer of an update actually fix any bugs? Or are we all getting suckered into believing that the update has made things snappier? Pains in the update process? Backups faster? Apps Crashing? Or are things just less sucky? Maybe you completely avoided the update..anything and everything, we want to know!

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2.0.1 'Fixes' Biggest 'Bug' of all: Jailbreak and Unlock

While most of us have installed the 2.0.1 update (or, ahem, are still waiting for a backup we started last night to finish so we can install it), there's a key group of folks that should stay away: Jailbreakers and unlockers. As is always the case when a new update comes out, our advice to these users is to wait and see how the iPhone hacking community responds. Right now, according to iphone-dev , they appear to be responding with a teensy bit of bravado:

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iPhone Firmware 2.0.1 "Bug Fixes" Live!

Fire up iTunes, hit the Update button, and BOOM! 2.0.1 is live and in prime time. Actually, in 250MB of what Apple's always super-verbose product details says "includes: big fixes".

I'm downloading it as I type this, but Engadget's already gotten their mitts on it, and say things feel snappier.

Have you gotten it yet? Getting it now? Gonna wait and look for error reports first?

Whenever you get your 2.0.1 on, please drop us a note and let us know how it's working (or not!) for you.

And Apple -- thanks much! Now about that 2.1...

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iPhone 2.0.1 Commeth?

Given the general sluggishness and overall er... crashing issues many -- including us -- have raised about the new iPhone 2.0 update, it can't come as any surprise that Apple is prepping a 2.0.1.

But could we already have confirmation? Intrepid Boy Genius Reporters scoured their server logs and came across:

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