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5 Tiny Tweaks Apple Could Make to Improve the iPhone BEFORE 3.0

No, we're not talking cut/copy and paste, nor MMS, video recording, or any other of the slew of major feature omissions tech pundits can't go an article without kicking, dead-horse-like. (There must be songs and drinking games about them -- enough already!) We're talking the minor stuff, the small things, the tiny little tweaks Apple could roll out in a 2.2.2 or 2.3 OS update that would make our iPhone experience just that much better and more enjoyable on a day-to-day basis.

Apple has done it before, of course. Double-space to add a period. Double-tap Home to get to favorite phone numbers or the iPod app. Tap Home to slide back to the first/primary/main App screen. Having Apps update in-place rather than shoving them back to the first empty slot.

And they could do it again, perhaps even with minimal effort, and sooner rather than later.

iPhone OS 3.0 will be previewed next tuesday, March 17, but likely won't be delivered to users until June or July. Here's what we'd like to see from Apple in the meantime, after the break...

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iPhone 2.2.1 Rumors: Push Notifications and Notes Sync?

MacRumors has linked up RussianiPhone.ru which claims to have gotten a pre-release look at the upcoming first beta for 2.2.1, which is said to include both the long-delayed Push Notification Service and something Mike first discovered way back with Mac OS X Leopard's release: Notes sync.

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Apple Speaks! Security Fix Firmware Coming in September

Dieter's already brought us up to speed on the nasty security bug Gizmodo found in the iPhone's current 2.0.2 firmware (which John Gruber points out Apple already fixed once for firmware 1.1 way back last year -- yikes!). Now Macworld (via MacRumors) reports that Apple has taken the unusual step (for Apple) of confirming the upcoming fix:

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