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baldur's gate

New Baldur's Gate game due in 2015, with a storyline set between first two games

Beamdog, the development team behind the popular enhanced versions of the classic role playing games Baldur's Gate 1 and 2 for Mac and the iPad, have announced plans to release an all new Baldur's Gate game sometime in 2015. Its storyline will be set in between the events of the first two games and will use the Infinity Engine that was also used for those titles.

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Baldur's Gate pulled from App Store over contractual issues

If you've been planning to get Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition for your iPad but hadn't gotten around to it yet, it's too late. Overhaul Games has pulled the game from the App Store and the Beamdog Web site over what it describes as "a number of contractual issues."

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Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition for iPad review - it's THAC0 time

Old-school role-playing game fans will have noticed Baldur’s Gate launching on iPad last week. The Dungeons & Dragons classic has suffered a few delays, which isn’t entirely unexpected when porting an older PC game to an entirely new operating system.

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