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How to turn off Smart Quotes in Mavericks

If you do a lot of writing, especially with system-level utilities like TextEdit, you may have noticed a change in the way OS X Mavericks handles text. By default, Mavericks keeps "smart quotes" on. This isn't optimal behavior, so here's a quick guide to turn them off.

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How to turn off autocorrection in OS X Mavericks

By default, OS X Mavericks turns on autocorrection. If you're a bad speller then this can come in handy and save you hours of embarrassment in e-mails and other documentation. It can also be an annoyance. I type fast and make mistakes, and some of the time Mavericks is able to correct my mistakes properly. Other times it guesses wrong, substituting words that I've mistyped with something else entirely. If you're having that problem, here's how to turn off autocorrection in Mavericks.

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