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Having Wi-Fi problems on your Mac running OS X Mavericks? Here's a fix!

As near as I can tell, somewhere along the way after I upgraded to Mavericks, my Retina MacBook Pro stopped working right. It wouldn't reconnect to a Wi-Fi network after waking from sleep. I had to manually reconnect it; often I'd have to toggle Wi-Fi off and on again to make it work. Turns out a wonky Bluetooth preference file was the culprit. I'm still not clear on why. Here's how to fix it.

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Fund This: Dash wireless fitness-tracking headphones

A ridiculously impressive project hit Kickstarter last week called Dash. Not only are these earbuds truly wireless, but they also track your fitness with a tiny infrared LED, including motion, heart rate, and body temperature. One headphone talks to the other over Bluetooth, then the second talks to your iPhone over Bluetooth, though the headphones can play audio independently thanks to 4 GB of included storage. A capacitive touch sensor on the outside of each earbud lets you control audio, take calls, and adjust tracking.

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Your iPhone will soon open doors for you at Starwood hotels

Starwood Hotels, which include the W and Aloft brands, will soon allow you to do everything from check-in to opening your room using only your smartphone. The Starwood Preferred Guests (SPG) app will house your room key right on your phone, which will then be able to unlock your room by connecting to a special lock via Bluetooth and a twisting motion.

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AiQ Smart Clothing adds biometrics to your workout at #CESlive

AiQ makes "smart clothing" that embeds wearable electrodes paired with sensors. Combined they provide biometric tracking that will help you get the most out of your next workout. Georgia tries out one of AiQ's zipper tops to see how it works.

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Yurbuds at #CESlive: Cut the earbud cord, improve your workout

Yurbuds' new Bluetooth Sport Earphones connect wirelessly to your iPhone and feature medical-grade soft silicone tips that the company guarantees will stay in your ears. 15 mm drivers pound the sound, too. You can buy them now for $169.99. Also check out the Race Case, an iPhone case with a breathable silicone hand strap - so you don't have to worry about dropping your phone while you run.

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SteelSeries offers wireless game controller for iOS 7 devices

Game peripheral maker SteelSeries on Monday announced its Stratus wireless game controller. It's available for pre-order on their web site for $99.99.

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Bluetooth 4.1 'Smart' get announced, aims to enable the 'Internet of Things'

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) has announced Bluetooth 4.1, a software update to the existing Bluetooth 4.0 technology in use by all of Apple's current Mac and iOS devices. Dubbed "Bluetooth Smart", it's designed to enable the "Internet of Things" by making connections easier and more powerful than ever. The bullet points, from Bluetooth:

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Dice+ brings the traditional board game dice to board games on your iPad

Digital versions of board games are more and more so becoming a thing, and Dice+ looks to combine that experience with an element of the traditional. It's a regular looking 6-sided dice, but inside it houses Bluetooth that connects to the game you're playing on your iPad – or iPhone, presumably, though less suited to playing these sort of games perhaps – so you can roll the dice yourself and have the results in the game.

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iOS 7 preview: Accessory support for iBeacons, game controllers, and more!

iOS 7 will bring not only an entirely new, dynamic interface to the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, along with powerful new APIs for app developers. But accessory makes are getting some great new features as well, and that means, presuming they take them and run with them, we'll be getting great new accessories that tie into our location, that let us get our game on, and that make our existing speakers, keyboards, and more work better than ever.

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Belkin officially launches its Ultimate Keyboard Case for iPad, thinnest keyboard case available

Belkin has officially announced the availability of is Ultimate Keyboard Case for iPad. What’s so special about this case? Well Belkin claims that it is the thinnest keyboard case available for the iPad coming in at just 6.4mm. It has been manufactured from a revolutionary aluminium alloy and magnets and weighs in at just 17 ounces.

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