What is the Tile Mate's range?

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What is the Tile Mate's range?

Best answer: The Tile Mate has a range of 150 feet or 45 meters. When you activate the Tile app, you'll need to be within that range in order to find your lost item.Tile: Tile Mate ($25)

The Tile Mate has a range of about 150 feet

While using the Tile app, you'll be able to actively locate your lost item within 150 feet. If you have a Tile attached to something that you misplace regularly, such as your car keys, that should be a long enough range to ping your Tile most places in your home.

This also works in the other direction. If you have your Tile-attached object, but can't find your phone, just double-click the Tile button to play a sound on your iPhone, making it much easier to find.

If you leave something with a Tile attached to it behind at another location, you can use the Tile app to look up its last known location.

Network effect

One of the major benefits of owning a Tile is the network effect. Tile's large community of users can become an asset if you ever lose something with a Tile attached to it in a place far from home and can't go back to look for it immediately.

While the normal range of your Tile Mate is 150 feet from you, that turns out to be 150 feet from any Tile owner. While the Tile attached to your lost object won't be able to contact you directly, it will be able to update its location for you if and when other Tile users are near it.

If another Tile owner opens the Tile app or has location services always on for the app, they will update the location of your Tile when they pass within range. That Tile user won't be able to see your Tile themselves, but they can prove invaluable to reclaiming your lost item.

You can also make it easier for other people to help you find a misplaced item by sharing your Tile with them. That way, if they find your item, they'll be able to grab it and return it to you themselves.

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