How to use Siri access Bluetooth and other Settings (kind of)

bamf-hacker in our iPhone 4S Forum wrote up a quick but smart tip on how to use Siri to access Bluetooth and other Setting with only... the power of your voice.

All you need to do is create a contact and in the Web site field put the code for the system preference. for example.Contact name is Bluetooth and the Web address is prefs:root=General&path=BluetoothThen activate Siri and say "Bluetooth" the contact card will open with a clickable link right to the Bluetooth settings.

It's not the much-sought-after "Siri, turn off Bluetooth" feature we've all been hoping for, but it's better than the nothing we have now.

bamf-hacker has also posted the URL schemes for other popular Settings, so hit the link below and get the details!

Source: bamf-hacker from the TiPb iPhone 4S Forums


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