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Apple scores 100% clean energy score in Greenpeace cloud report

Greenpeace has published a report on the renewable energy used by major internet companies, including those active in the mobile space. Topping the list is Apple, which apparently runs iCloud and iTunes on 100% green electricity. It’s got a massive solar farm powering its North Carolina data center, and plans for geothermal and solar power for its upcoming Nevada data center. Oregon and California data centers are already being powered through wind energy partners.

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Bertrand Serlet’s UpThere startup hiring Apple engineers, getting Google funded

Upthere, the cloud-focused company created by former Apple employees, including former SVP of Software engineering Bertrand Serlet, has been hiring a number of Apple veterans to work on their first product. Additionally, Upthere has raised money from Google Ventures.

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Streaming music might be the future, but it's a way off yet

The cloud; not just for work, but also for play. Music from the cloud has been steadily growing in popularity in recent years, to the point now where even Apple is getting in on it with iTunes Radio. Many camps consider it to be the future of how we listen to music, but we're not there yet. Not even close. There's a whole myriad of reasons as to why, and no matter how much we want it right now, it just isn't viable right now to go all-in with a streaming service.

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Stuck between the Dropbox that was and the iCloud that isn't yet

iCloud promised ubiquitous access -- all our stuff, every where and every when we wanted it. Not sync, Apple very carefully, almost awkwardly explained it, but an idea that was and is just as simple. You create something, it gets stored on the iCloud, and pushed down to all of your iOS and OS X devices. Not a server-side truth store, and critically, not a file system either. Unlike Google, it didn't live in the browser, and unlike iDisk, which came before it, there were and are no folders or hierarchies to get lost in, no Finder or Explorer to trudge through. iCloud, as Apple positioned it, was and is something new and something potentially much, much better.

The problem is, it doesn't work yet.

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Google Drive now available for iPhone, iPad

Today at I/O 2012 Google announced that they're extending their cloud storage service to iOS devices, allowing iPhone and iPad owners to remotely access their documents, music, photos, and other files. It has some cool tricks baked in, such as optical character recognition, so you can search through documents that have been scanned or photographed.

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CloudOn briefly offers Microsoft Office to iPad users with full Dropbox support, then disappears

CloudOn, a free iPad app that offered Microsoft Office functionality with Dropbox support, appeared briefly in the App Store yesterday before going up in a puff of smoke a short time later.

CloudOn has responded saying their app has "sold out", but we think this may have had something to do with server overload.

Thanks for your support of CloudOn! We're currently sold out. We look forward to the feedback we will receive as we continue to support the many users that have registered in this first phase.

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Microsoft releases SkyDrive cloud storage app for the iPhone and iPod touch

Microsoft has released their SkyDrive app for the iPhone and iPod touch, giving users access to their free cloud storage service and allowing 25 gigabytes worth of space for storing files, photos and other media types.

SkyDrive from Microsoft is the place to store your files so you can access them from virtually any device. With SkyDrive for the iPhone, you can now easily access, manage and share files on the go. You can also upload photos or videos from your iPhone to SkyDrive.

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Apple launching iTunes Replay in the coming weeks?

iTunes Replay is the rumored name of the rumored Apple subscription video streaming service rumored to compete with the likes of Netflix. Apple Insider reported on the rumors a while back, and now App Advice hears it might be coming soon.

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OnLive to bring full HD console gaming to the iPad

TouchArcade was able to sit down with OnLive at E3 for a brief presentation of their cloud gaming service, which promises to bring full HD console quality gaming to the iPad.

When OnLive started up in 2009 it was speculated that the service would eventually come to the iPhone, but this was long before the iPad was available. They've since discovered the iPad is a far better use case for exploring this type of gaming service on an iOS device, and they've fully committed to get this out the door as soon as everything is solid enough for consumers.

OnLive even has a bluetooth controller they'll make available, which should bring a more console-like experience for iPad users instead of having to use the touchscreen. Imagine pairing this with up with your HDTV via HDMI using the bluetooth controller, and you begin get a real sense of how truly awesome this could be.

Although they haven't set an official release date, OnLive representatives have stated the service is "coming soon" to the iPad and the bluetooth controller will be available at a reasonable price.

Check out the video demonstration after the jump -- will you be using OnLive on your iPad?


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Apple signs deal with Universal, iCloud to cost $25/year after free trial?

CNET reports that Universal Music Group has finalized a deal for Apple to offer streaming music through their new iCloud service. Apple will announce iCloud at WWDC next week, which will reportedly cost just $25 per year after an initial free trial period.

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