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Apple makes it even easier for businesses and schools to go iPhone and iPad

Apple has introduced a number of changes to its policies and tools to make device management better for education and business. Both business and education customers can now buy app licenses in bulk under Apple's Volume Purchase Program to install them on a large number of devices at once.

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iOS 7: What it means for Enterprise, Education, and Government

With iOS 7 Apple has taken their existing support for Enterprise, Education, and Government to the next level, adding even more functionality and better iPhone and iPad device management. This follows years of Apple adding more and more features that allow IT administrators to have more control over iOS devices. iOS obeys all Exchange ActiveSync policies plus it can be further controlled and configured via iOS Configuration Profiles that allow administrators to pre-setup connections to your company’s email system for example, or to pre-setup connections to your company’s secure Wi-Fi networks, but also restrict the device in many ways including preventing access to the iTunes App Store, or the Safari browser. These are just two examples but the list is quite long. Lets take a look at the new management features found in iOS 7...

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iOS 7 preview: Big improvements for big business

iOS 7 continues Apple's tradition of consistently improving and extending Enterprise support for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Previous years introduced such basic, core functionality as Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, and hardware encryptions.This year offers more specific additions that, never-the-less, might make a big difference to big business, both those who manage devices in IT, and who use them, in corporations and SMB alike. Today's Enterprise day on Talk Mobile 2013, so let's talk iOS 7 and Enterprise...

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How Apple's Enterprise Distribution Program was abused to enable the installation of a GameBoy emulator

There's a story making the rounds about how a GameBoy emulator can be installed on non-jailbroken iOS devices. While this initially seems surprising, it's simply the result of a company abusing Apple's iOS Developer Enterprise Program, and allow users to install much more than just one emulator.

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BES 10 now available for everyone who manages iOS and BlackBerry in Enterprise

BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 is now available for download, and in recognition of the BYOD -- bring your own device -- trend spearheaded by iPhones and iPads, BES 10 will let you manage Apple devices as well.

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iPhone gaining ground in enterprise... at BlackBerry's expense

By the end of the year it's expected that iPhone shipment to enterprise will outstrip those of traditional leader, BlackBerry. While BlackBerry still has the largest install base in the enterprise, more often than not, companies are now ordering iPhones for their employees. As this happens, iPhone marketshare in enterprise will continue to grow. A primary driver of this change is that businesses are increasingly embracing the practice of BYOD, or “Bring Your Own Device”. Because of this, employees are bringing the devices that they buy on their own, and that’s an iPhone (or Android).

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Surprise! iOS still beating Android in enterprise penetration

Good Technology's latest data from their enterprise customers confirm that yes, iOS is killing Android in the business world. In the first quarter of the year, the iPhone 4S accounted for 37% of Good's activations, followed by the iPad 2 with 17.7%, while the new iPad is already claiming 12.1%.

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RIM launches first iOS app: BlackBerry Mobile Fusion Client

BlackBerry-maker Research In Motion today launched their first iPhone app. It's nothing particularly flashy, as you might expect, but Mobile Fusion marks their foray into cross-platform enterprise device management.

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84% of businesses buying tablets are are getting iPads

ChangeWave recently surveyed 1,604 IT personnel with buying power in their company, and of those planning on getting tablets in the next quarter, 84% are siding with the iPad.

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Apple Configurator makes it easier to mass deploy and manage iPhone, iPad for business and education

Apple has released a new Mac App Store app named Configurator which allows businesses and educational institutions to more easily and massively deploy and manage iPhones, iPod touches, and iPads.You can sync and manage up to 30 devices at a time including updating the OS, managing applications, profiles, backups, and more. Even if you have a large family with many iOS devices (or you work as a developer or blogger who has to test a ton of personal devices), Configurator can make your life a lot easier than iTunes ever did.

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