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Apple Offlines on Eve of iTablet and... iPhone 4.0?

When Apple bought multitouch maestros FingerWorks for their talent (and patents, 'natch), they kept and all it's old product photos and pictures online and intact. No longer, according to MacRumors:

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NYT: Apple Developing Multitouch iWork, Complex Gestures for iTablet (and iPhone?!)

The New York Times says Apple has been working on a multitouch version of their iWork office suite -- Pages word processor, Numbers spread sheet, and Keynote presentations -- for their rumored upcoming iTablet/iSlate, along with complex gestures based on technology they acquired from Fingerworks.

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Ten-Finger, Dual-Hand Multi-Touch -- Apple Patent Watch

AppleInsider has found yet another multi-touch patent application, this one expanding on Apple's already massive portfolio to include the ability to recognize which finger is touching, distinguish between palms and fingers, and enable all manner of restin

unprecedented integration of typing, resting, pointing, scrolling, 3D manipulation, and handwriting into a versatile, ergonomic computer input device

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Origins of iPhone Multi-Touch... the Piano?!

We know the score. Apple now holds a veritable smorgasbord of multi-touch patents, some dating way back before the iPhone, and some coming from their 2005 acquisition of a company called Fingerworks, and the innovative talents of Wayne Westerman and John Elias. But from whence did they draw their inspiration? MacRumors pulls the relevant quote from a University of Delware article:

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