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Home Screen Tips

How to use widgets on iPhone and iPad

How do you use Today widgets on Lock screen, Home screen, and Notification Center? Like this!

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Home screen: Ultimate guide

How do you use the Home screen on iPhone and iPad? With iOS 10, faster and more conveniently than ever!

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How to customize your Home screen on iPhone and iPad

How do you change your Home screen wallpaper, move apps around, create folders, and otherwise make it your own? Like this!

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How to navigate your Home screen on iPhone and iPad

How to you search for and browse your apps? Bring up notifications or take control? Call out for Siri? Like this!

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How to create folders and add apps to your iPhone 6s and iPad

The iPhone Home screen can hold dozens and dozens of apps; thanks to folders, that number leaps up to thousands. Folders lets you collect and organize apps of a similar type, or for a similar task, all together in one place. Best of all, they're easy to create.

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How to change the wallpaper to customize your iPhone or iPad

One of the ways to make your iPhone or iPad your own is to set a different or unique wallpaper for your Lock screen, your Home screen, or both. As long as the photo is roughly the right resolution and aspect ratio, it should look great. You can change your wallpaper in either the Settings app or the Photos app.

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How to use the Home screen on iPhone or iPad

The Home screen β€” known behind the scenes as SpringBoard β€” is the central hub of iPhone and iPad activity. It's not a destination. You're not meant to linger there and stare. It's a transport, a gateway. It's what gets you to your apps and your content. From the Home screen you can tap app and game icons, music and video players, web browsers and online stores. You can also access Spotlight to quickly search for apps, content, and more, and invoke Multitasking, Notification Center, Control Center, Siri, and more.

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How to remove apps and delete folders on your iPhone or iPad

App folders are a great way to collect and organize all the apps on your iPhone or iPad Home screen. You can even change and update them β€” remove apps and even remove the folders themselves! β€” as your needs or favorites change over time. Best of all, taking apps out of folders and deleting folders from your Home screen are easy to do.

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How to delete an app from your iPhone or iPad

The App Store offers hundreds of thousands of apps for you to choose from. Unfortunately not all of them will fit on your iPhone or iPad so you'll have to choose which ones are important enough stick around. There may come a time you need to delete apps to free up some space, or perhaps you just don't use them anymore. Luckily, it's super easy to get rid of them. Here's how:

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How to use multitasking gesture navigation

Multitasking gestures are quick, multitouch shortcuts for navigating around your iPad. You can enable or disable them in Settings (to avoid, for example, swiping in Fruit Ninja and suddenly ending up in Mail). When they're on, however, and you're used to using them, you can really fly between your iPad apps.

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