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Apple TV and Accessibility: The ultimate guide

The fourth-generation Apple TV supports VoiceOver, screen adjustments, closed captioning, and more. Here's how to take advantage of it.

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How to switch plans and disable auto-renewal for Apple Music on your Mac

Managing your Apple Music subscription — including toggling off automatic renewal — in iTunes is anything but obvious. Here's how to do it!

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How to add Apple Music to your iTunes library on the Mac

With an active Apple Music subscription, it's very easy to add new music to your iTunes library.

When you subscribe to Apple Music, you can add to your own iTunes music library the many millions of tracks available through the service. It's important to note, however, that you don't own these tracks. Really, you're renting them. So if you sign out of Apple Music, or let your subscription expire or lapse, these tracks will disappear.

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Ten ways to pester and delight your friends on iMessage

Grief your co-workers and get a smile from your friends with these iMessage shenanigans.

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How to set up multiple users on your Mac

Get smart when it comes to using a shared Mac in a house full of people: Set up individual user accounts to keep everybody's stuff separate.

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How to restore old-style zoom control in OS X

Beginning with OS X 10.10 Apple changed the way the green button in the menu bar of open windows works, but you can restore the "old" method using a key command.

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How to adjust OS X's Mail Drop threshold using Terminal

OS X's Mail Drop feature kicks in automatically when you try to attach a file to a message that's 20 MB or larger. You can lower that threshold even more if you have an email server that thinks 20 MB is too much.

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How to clean up your Mac's desktop

Your Mac desktop is where you do most of your work, but don't leave your workspace sloppy. There are ways to keep your desktop tidy - find out how.

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How to enable OS X's Dark Mode with a key command

OS X Yosemite and later sports a Dark Mode that inverts the menu and Dock to a dark background. It's great but if you don't want to use it all the time, here's a time-saving tip that binds the action to a command key shortcut instead of forcing you to fumble for the System Preferences.

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How to AirPlay Beats 1 from iTunes on the Mac

For some reason turning on Beats 1 makes the AirPlay button go away in iTunes 12.2. Here's how to send your Beats 1 stream to AirPlay speakers regardless.

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