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Daily Tip: How to share a video to YouTube [Beginner]

New to iPhone and want to learn how to share those videos you have just captured to YouTube? Apple makes it easy to share your videos in a number of ways, including email, MMS, MobileMe, and yes, YouTube. We'll show you how after the break!

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Tips and How-To's: iPhone Music Management

I have a 160GB iPod Classic that is almost filled to the brim with media: songs, podcasts, movies, tv shows, and photos. Just in music alone, I could fill my 16GB iPhone 3G many times over. I wish my iPhone had 32GB or, heck, since we're wishing, I'll go for 120GB or the equivalent of my iPod. Alas, I have 16GB to work with and I want to carry plenty of apps, photos, podcasts, and videos with me and there's little room around the edges to squeeze in some of my favorite tunes. However, there is a way to keep your music fresh and updated so it seems like you are carrying far more music on your iPhone than you may have thought. Read on to find out how!

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Tips and How-To's: Screenshot Savvy

If the iPhone is your first smartphone, then you won't fully appreciate the lack of a means to send contacts or files via Bluetooth or IR (infra-red). What if you want to send your Google map to a friend to show him or her the way? What about sending a website link of your winning team to your buddy to rub it in? The iPhone is lacking in some of the more conventional methods of sending data to someone else, but the built-in screenshot capability can do wonders! Read on for more!

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Tips and How To's: Best Western on iPhone

The iPhone is a great phone and an awesome entertainment device, but it's also a great tool for a variety of things, including an excellent travel companion. Ana Ortiz at LaunchSquad dropped me a line and suggested I check out Best Western's site, which also happens to be iPhone-friendly as a web app. Best Western, partnering with Usablenet, brings their site to the iPhone for your traveling convenience. What features are available via the web app? Read on after the break!

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Tips and How To's: Using Headphone Button

Usually I use my iPod Nano for my music needs, but it's sure nice to have music on my iPhone also. The new headphones provided with the iPhone 3G has a built-in mic and a "clicker" button to give you some modest control over your music without having to access the touchscreen on your iPhone. How does all this clicking work? Read on!

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