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ifixit teardowns

New Apple TV tear down reveals lots of parts in a small package

The new Apple TV has been given a proper tear down by the folks at iFixit. It's not often we get to admire the inside of our electronics, but the new Apple TV packs quite a number of components in a small design.

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iFixit tears down new Mac Mini, confirms soldered RAM

Not satiated by iFixit's teardown of the Retina iMac last week? Well then feast your eyes on their latest teardown adventure: the new Mac Mini.

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iFixit tears the new Retina iMac apart, reveals new display tech, otherwise identical to previous model

Apple may have dropped a ten-ton-hammer of news on us yesterday with the announcement of the 5K Retina iMac, but what everyone was really waiting for is finally here: the iFixit teardown. With their usual vigor, iFixit has taken this gorgeous display and picked it apart, piece by piece, in pursuit of documenting each and every component inside.

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iFixit's iPad mini with Retina Display teardown reveals huge battery, unicorn dust

Fixit wasted no time after yesterday's surprise launch of the iPad mini with Retina Display to get their hands on one and tear it apart to see how it's built. The results are in.

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iFixit tears down the new MacBook Pro Retina 13-inch and 15-inch

If you enjoy knowing all about the bits and bobs that go into the technology you purchase, it should come as no surprise to know that iFixIt has already got their constructively deconstructive hands on a pair of new MacBook Pro Retina's  and as such, have already began tearing them down.

The 13-inch is still under way but the 15-inch has been spalyed out in all it's splendid glory and to no one's surprise, there's a lot of technology jammed into that beautiful little chassis. Some favorable highlights as noted by iFixIt about the 15-inch MacBook Pro Retina can be found below.

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New iMac teardowns reveal upgradable Flash storage, more

The folks at iFixit have gotten their hands on Apple's new iMacs in order to do a couple of teardowns to see what's inside. They conclude that the iMacs haven't changed radically inside, though there are some tweaks - some for the better, some worse. iFixit scored the 21.5-inch iMac lower than the 27-inch iMac for repairability. Let's look at why.

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iFixit begins their teardown of the gold iPhone 5s

If you're among those who like to see all the bits and bobs of what makes a device tick, then you'll be pleased to know that iFixIt has now got their hands on a glorious gold iPhone 5s and have begun to tear it down.

At this point, the process is still ongoing so you'll need to head on over to the site to check out the latest updates but we already know how this one ends. Spolier: There's iPhone parts inside.

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New iMac teardown reveals lots of adhesive and almost no end user upgrade options

As with every big Apple product launch, iFixIt has given the new 2012 iMac the teardown treatment. Unfortunately, it only receives a repairability score of 3 out of 10. Most of this is attributed to the difficulty level of replacing common items such as RAM or a hard drive. This time around, it's no easy task.

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