iFixit tears down new Mac Mini, confirms soldered RAM

Not satiated by iFixit's teardown of the Retina iMac last week? Well then feast your eyes on their latest teardown adventure: the new Mac Mini.

Though this is the first refresh of the device in two years, one could easily mistake this 2014 model as a carryover, as the design hasn't been changed at all; the 2014 Mac Mini features the same dimensions and nearly the same weight as previous versions.

One of the bigger changes with this new Mini, and something the internet has been abuzz over for the last few days, is that the RAM is now soldered to the logic board. Why Apple chose to do this is unclear, as it only inhibits end-user upgradability.

Finally, iFixit scored this new Mac Mini as a 6/10 on their repairability scale. It gained kudos for its lack of glue, and relatively straight-forward dissassembly process. However, it lost points for the use of T6 Torx screws, CPU soldering, and the aforementioned RAM soldering.

Head on over to iFixit for the full breakdown. And in the meantime, tell us what you think of the new Mac Mini. Are you considering an upgrade?

Source: iFixit

Dan Thorp-Lancaster